HTC Unveils World’s First “Metaverse” Smartphone

HTC has been a leading smartphone manufacturer for many years, but it seems that its success is starting to slip. One reason for this may be that other brands, such as Apple and Samsung, are becoming more popular. People may not remember the last time they carried an HTC smartphone because they have been overshadowed by these other brands.

However, on June 28, HTC is expected to reveal a new smartphone, which will be a comeback of sorts for the company.

HTC has been paying a lot of attention lately to the metaverse and their new phone is no exception. They posted a teaser on Twitter on June 9 that seems like it could be for this upcoming device, showing off what looks like eternity mirrors with rings extending out further from your screen than ever before!

The release date for this smartphone has not yet been announced, but it seems like there might be some metaverse connection. A metaverse is a digital world that is inhabited by users. It is a simulated environment that allows for different types of experiences, including socializing, gaming, and working. In a metaverse, users can create their own virtual identities and interact with others in a variety of ways.

HTC is not one to shy away from the big guns when it comes time for marketing. In March 2022, they announced their new metaverse brand -Viverse- which markets itself as “a way of life beyond today’s reality.” The company plans on using it as an opportunity not only for marketing purposes but also because they believe in what lies ahead with regard to how important virtual reality will become over time.

COVID-19 infections in Taiwan delayed the debut of HTC’s metaverse phone by two months, according to reports. The phone is said to be a part of HTC’s “Project Exodus” announced a few years ago. The original plan was for the phone to be a standalone device that would not require a PC, unlike current virtual reality headsets. However, it is not clear if this is still the case.

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