How to Create Your Own Font

With your daily tasks at school or at work, you encounter fonts all over the web. You may not know it, but the font you use can be a great factor whether people will read or ignore your content. Thus, it is not easy to follow. If you are not happy with the font you see on the web, you can make your own font for free.

If you need a customized font that matches your taste and individuality, this article will guide you. If you want a more personalized font, you can have control of how the numbers and letters will look.


In FontStruct, you can use a tool called FontStruction. The FontStruct is a site where you can download fonts for free. If you desire to have a clean design, this font maker is the best for you. You can construct your font by choosing the boxes. It is available in different sizes like squares, circles, curves, and other designs, so you can customize the fonts according to your requirements.

To enjoy the benefits of the FontStruct, you need to make an account. Don’t worry because it is free and can be done in a few minutes.


You can also use the metaflop to create your own font. It is easy to use, so you can customize your fonts. You can also adjust the parameters to make the font you want. You are free to change the contrast, pen width, corner, contrast, slant, and proportion.

As you adjust the settings, you can see how the lowercase and uppercase letters look as well as for numbers. The best about this font builder is that you don’t need an account to access it.


Although it is not a free font builder, you can use it for 30 days. It is compatible with Mac and Windows and comes with amazing features.

You can consider it as a Photoshop tool since it has a pencil tool and power brush for drawing. It also has editing functions and adjustment tools. It has a FontAudit tool that can check odd curves and inconsistency.


The Fonty font builder is an application on Android wherein you can trace letters to create a font set according to one’s handwriting. One great feature of Fonty is that it can automatically save your work. Additionally, it also supports different characters like symbols, numbers, and letters.


If you want a unique font maker, you can prefer for Calligraphr. It can create a font according to your handwriting. Here, you can choose characters you can tailor and print off the template that you can fill out using your handwriting.

Then, you can upload the document on the site, and you can receive the font you create. After creating the font, you can also edit it to adjust the brush size or lines. Exporting the font you created on an OTF or TTF file is possible. This font builder is free, but it has limitations on the number of fonts you can work with.

Do you want more customized fonts for your projects? Then, you can choose one of the font builders mentioned above!   

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