7 Best iPhone and Android Battle Arena Games Similar to Clash Royale

Few games have been subjected to this treatment quite like Supercell’s tower-defense game Clash Royale, an epic multiplayer online battle arena game that has hooked millions of people on its addictive and airtight gameplay. Released in 2016, the game has recently passed the $1 billion mark in global revenue, making it a true titan of the space.

But what if you’re looking for something a little different, what apps should you download? For that matter, what if you want something very similar – what to turn to in that moment?

Here are 7 mobile games similar to tower-defense modern classic Clash Royale.

Chaos Battle League

Android | iOS

Is another multiplayer focused game that emphasizes upgrading your characters and defeating opponents from across the globe. You climb leaderboards as you best your opponents or join a guild and team up with other players. There is also a PvE element that lets players complete quests to earn in-game perks that can help out their game.

Castle Creeps Battle

Android | iOS

Pure PvP multiplayer, Castle Creeps Battle tasks you with building your deck and beating opponents from across the globe. If you enjoy the multiplayer aspects of Chaos Battle League then you will love Castle Creeps Battle.

Mighty Battles

Android | iOS

This game is the most like Clash Royale on this list. You build an army, take on opponents, defend yourself, and upgrade your stats. What more could you want out of a tower defense game? While not as refined as Clash Royale, Mighty Battles is an amazing experience.

Blitz Brigade: Rival Tactics

Android | iOS

Take your 8-man squad and storm your opponent’s base. Use weapons, vehicles, and other strategies to bring down your opponent in this multiplayer slugfest. Featuring a robust and international community, you can play head to head or team up with friends to take on even greater challenges and win rewards that upgrade your team.

Titanfall: Assault

Android | iOS

This is a class-based tower defense game that lets players come up with unique combinations of armies to take on their opponent. Mastering what each class does and what they are good at is really key to winning this game. In addition, the class system really helps this title stand out on this list from the others.

Battle Islands: Commanders

Android | iOS

This game is inspired by World War II and tasks players with taking islands from their opponent’s army. Heavy on the simulation aspect, Battle Islands: Commanders is perfect for gamers that like to micromanage and enjoy history at the same time.

Warzone: Clash of Generals

Android | iOS

In this game you take command of a city state’s army as you compete for resources against rivals. The game offers three distinct game modes: conquest, siege, and domination as well as global leagues and leaderboard like the other games on this list.

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