Android RSS – 6 Tutorials to Read

To a developer, there are many opportunities for making an Android RSS app. You can build an app to read the latest news in a niche or make an app to read the latest content for a client’s blog. Below are some tutorials about developing an Android RSS app that can help you quickly develop your first one. 

  • AndroidResearch: This is the most simple tutorial about RSS. If you only want to only know about an RSS app’s workflow, you should read this blog post first. It involves filling data extracted from RSS using XMLPullParser and AsyncTask to a ListView.
  • IBM: IBM dedicates this tutorial for Java developers to make their first RSS reader on Android. You will learn about RSS’s basics, Android RSS reader application architecture, fetching and parsing XML data with SAX, and rendering RSS data in Android after reading this post.
  • DZone: You will like this tutorial because it provides source code to download for quick import to your Android Studio and see how it works. This app supports Android 3.0+ as it uses Fragments. Data extracted from RSS URL will be populated to a The code is available on GitHub for you to download and customize.
  • StackTips: All of the tutorials above only show how to read data from XML. This blog post will guide you through building a JSON feed reader in Android. XML is more popular than JSON when it comes to RSS. However, this will become helpful in case you need to read news from your own blog, in which you can enable JSON integration.
  • AndroidHive: After reading all the basics, we need one important feature from this type of app, which is SQLite integration.
  • RaymondCamden: This tutorial shows how to develop a simple RSS reader in NativeScript (NS). If you haven’t heard about NativeScript yet, it is a cross-platform framework for building native apps using JavaScript, CSS, and XML. For those who don’t mind trying a new framework, writing an app using NS is simple, and requires only knowledge of HTML, CSS, and Javascript.

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