50+ Best jQuery Plugins

jQuery is a fantastic JavaScript library for developing user interactions quickly.  It has made web design faster, easier and more accessible. Following are the best jQuery plugins to save you time and effort.

8 Best JavaScript & jQuery Chart Plugins

Charts help us to understand and read a complex data by presenting them in a simpler form. Instead of reading content rich data in text, it is easier to show them in a chart. The graphical form of data is much easier to comprehend. Many JavaScript and jQuery plugins will help you to present a different type of data charts such as temperature chart, family tree, organizational chart, pie chart, flowchart, etc. to show information.

Best jQuery Plugins to Create Fixed Elements

jQuery Plugins to create fixed elements on a webpage allows it to be visible to the users no matter how far they have scrolled. The fixed elements are easy to place. You can use CSS and write a single line of code to achieve a simple fixed element. However, for positioning a dynamic fixed element, you need complex jQuery and JavaScript. You can also use jQuery Plugins to quickly create dynamic fixed elements.

Top 5 jQuery File Upload Plugins

JQuery File Upload Plugins are used to upload videos, photos, documents, and other files on your websites. Adding file upload feature on your webpage is made easy with the use jQuery file upload plugins. Features such as drag and drop, upload progress bar or preview of the files, etc. can be added using JQuery file upload Plugins.

5 Great jQuery Plugins with Google Material Design

jQuery plugins with Google Material designs are trending and are popular open source toolkit. It is currently widely accepted and used as it provides great feedback from the users and thus provide them with improved experiences. The material designs uploaded using the jQuery plugins also makes the design impressive, and more appealing, lively. The jQuery plugins with Google Material designs are also popular to use which also contributes to its popularity. The jQuery plugins also offers various material design styles to progress bar, notification, charts, input controls, timers, and stopwatch.

5 Best jQuery Plugins for Creating Floating Elements

Floating elements on websites are the latest trend. It is a fun and entertaining way to enhance webpage navigation and also to display information and advertisements. Floating elements such as images, notification, news, headers, and footers, sharing buttons, text labels, etc. can be created using jQuery plugins.

6 jQuery Plugins to Create Flip Effects

It is now easy to create Flip effects on websites by using jQuery flip effect plugins and CSS. The flip effects on sites are now becoming very popular and trendy. Users can flip an image on a webpage and view information related to the image. The animated flip effects make web pages fun, interesting and informative. To create a flip effect of an image, the developers need to create two containers. The visible front has the image, and the hidden part has the more information. The flip effects can be used on images or any DOM elements.

5 Best jQuery Social Sharing Plugins

Most of the websites that have been developed have the sole purpose of offering their services or products to visitors. Website owners spend a lot of time updating the content and keeping the webpage active and exciting to promote their product or services. However, now website owners need not put too much effort in promoting their websites. Just by adding Social Sharing Buttons on the web pages, visitors can assist in promoting the site. Another reason to add Social Sharing button on the webpage is that search engines include the number of time social links are shared as the ranking factor. It also helps to develop natural links over time and helps bring in more traffic to the website.

Best 5 JQuery Data Table Plugins

JQuery Data Table plugins is a data table that will enhance plugins for JavaScript library. With the help of JQuery data table, sorting, filtering, and paging abilities will be executed with minimum efforts in HTML tables. JQuery Data Table provides users with several options on how the data should be displayed and obtained to make it simple and easy for users to sort and filter data. Using JQuery Data Table makes action to be taken such as sorting, filtration, paging, etc. smooth and fast for users.

Top 5 jQuery Form Validation Plugins

A jQuery Form Validation is a plugin that provides basic validation rules and allows users to load module as per demand. It also allows users a multilingual jQuery plugin for easy user input validations and keeps your HTML clean from JavaScript codes. By grouping in validation codes in parts, jQuery form validation plugin requires less network traffic even while providing extensive functions. It also makes it possible to load only those functions that need to be validated in a particular form.