Harley-Davidson Unveils New Electric Mountain Bike without Front or Rear Suspension

On Tuesday, Harley-Davidson’s Serial 1 brand unveiled its latest eBike model, the Bash/Mtn. And while the company describes the Bash/Mtn as a mountain bike, it’s probably not what most people would consider being a mountain bike. The Bash/Mtn eBike is the most intense mountain bike you can get your hands on. It’s not for beginners and even if it were, this would be one tough machine that requires tons of skill to ride smoothly without crashing or getting lost along single track trails.

The Bash/Mtn’s lack of front or rear suspension means it doesn’t have the cushy feel that other bikes do. The rigid aluminum frame and fork mean there’s no give for vibrations when you hit jumps, but also makes this bike less comfortable on longer rides since bumps won’t be absorbed by shocks like they would with heavier construction materials such as steel, etc. It does come equipped with an NCX seat post which offers up to 50mm (1 inch) worth of travel, and it is the only absorption the bike provides.

The Bash/Mtn is all about simplicity. “No fussy suspension to tune, no finicky drivetrain to adjust — just two wheels and one gear,” said Harley-Davidson in their advertising campaign for this bike model. The company states that the missing suspension is the actual reason you should buy this eBike.

The Bash/Mtn is a new e-bike that features a wild design and an innovative battery. It can provide 30 or 95 miles of range, depending on how you ride it – but don’t worry about running out! The battery charges quickly, and it’ll be ready for use in just under five hours. You can get up to 75% charged after 2-and 3/4 punch-outs with the charger!

The bike will stop assisting once your speed reaches 20mph (the legal limit for Class 1 bikes). This product also comes with 27-inch tubeless tires from Michelin which are perfect if this would be something in your household’s future as well

The Bash/Mtn is an affordable electric mountain bike that can be bought for $3,999. It’s not as expensive compared to other models from companies like Canyon or Giant but then it doesn’t have all of their features which means you might want something else if what matters most are accessories such as paw protectors and lights on the front wheel instead! Harley-Davidson plans on producing only 1050 units worldwide – 525 will go into US sales.

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