How to show 100 results per page in Google Search?

When searching for something on Google, you can only see 10 results per page. It is not important to show more, but sometimes you want to view more results for a certain search. This post will introduce you 2 ways to force Google to show more than 10 results per page.

Adjust number of result in search setting

Google search setting has an option to allow user adjust how many results to show per page

Use query parameter

There is another way which doesn’t involve setting. Search users can attach num parameter to determine the number of shown search results.

When you search for a term (i.e. “tl dev tech”), you will see the URL of search page like this

To show more result for that term, we can attach “num=100” at the end of the URL. It becomes

This method is easy but kind of repetitive if you search for lots of keywords.

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