What is Internet of Behavior?

What does the Internet of Behavior mean? It is a term that has been used to describe how our everyday behaviors are being tracked and recorded using data. This information can be shared with third parties for advertising purposes, or it can be given back to us in order to make better decisions about our own health and well-being. Learn more about this new phenomenon by reading the following blog post!

What is Internet of Behavior?

The Internet of Things (IoT) is a network of all the things that are connected to the internet. All these different devices collect and share information with each other. It’s getting more complex every day, so it’s hard to know what will happen next. Data collection lets you know what people like and don’t like and where they go. That is called the Internet of Behaviour.

IoB is a process where user-controlled data is analyzed and the results are used to design a new experience. For example, this may be designing a UX or marketing plan. IoB has some complexity because not all of the data can be collected without privacy concerns. That means that companies have to do statistical studies of people’s habits and behaviors, but they cannot collect too much information without hurting someone’s privacy.

Any devices like tablets or smartphones can track your online activities as well as your real geographic position. It is not difficult for companies to link your smart phone with other devices, like laptops and cars. Then they understand more about you. They know what you are interested in or don’t like. They also might know how you like and how you purchase things by following what you do on the internet.

What is the Purpose of Internet of Behavior?

The purpose of the Internet of Behavior is to design a new experience by using user-controlled data. This may mean designing a UX or marketing plan. There are some complications, because it’s hard for companies not to collect too much information without hurting someone’s privacy rights. To deal with that, they can do statistical studies but still need to be careful about how much info they take in order to protect people’s privacy.

The IoB is a double-edged sword. It influences consumer choice, but it also redesigns the value chain. While many consumers are unhappy that they have to share their personal data with others “for free” in order for these companies to make money off of them, there are some who think sharing this information will result in an added benefit or service as well and so go along willingly.

The IoB has been steadily changing the landscape of what is considered valuable in a value chain. It’s not just about transforming into something more digital, but it also tweaks how businesses interact with consumers themselves and their data.

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