usogood Trail Camera Pros and Cons – No Glow Trail Camera with Ultra-High Resolution and Night Vision Motion Activated

Do you need a reliable and excellent trail camera to meet your hunting requirements? Don’t look further because the usogood Trail Camera is here!

Okay, you might think that usogood is like other trailing cameras you see in the market. Not quite. usogood Trail Camera has a 14MP resolution that allows you to see each moment of your hunting adventure. The high definition video allows users to record excellent videos on the wild.

Are you having trouble recording videos at night?

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Don’t worry! usogood Trail Camera has you covered with its high definition video recording. The camera’s LED’s turn on and off automatically at night even without a flash.

Here’s another surprise: the usogood Trail Camera has a long battery life that lets hunters capture every moment of their hunting experience. The camera’s easy and smooth controls add to the enjoyment of using the camera.

But, users also want to know the highs and lows of this trail camera. So, here are the pros and cons of the usogood Trail Camera that you should know:


  • Waterproof Camera – Days in the wild aren’t all sunshine. Sometimes, the rain might visit you while you’re taking shots of a deer or a bear. Don’t worry! The usogood Trail Camera is certified waterproof due to its 60mm thick housing. So, hunters don’t need to worry in case it rains.
  • No Glow Night Vision – Get the best results while you take photos of animals at night. The “no glow” feature of the camera lets you capture natural but clear photos at night. Hunters can take photos of animals without any hassle once of the animal enter the camera range.
  • Long Battery Life – Your hunting adventure might take hours so a trail camera should have a long battery lifespan. Don’t worry! The usogood Trail Camera has 8 AA batteries, and the camera has low power consumption. Hence, you can enjoy long hours in the wild.
  • Durable Camera Buttons – Instead of plastic buttons, the trail camera has sturdy button designs to show durability.


  • Feels Heavy in Long Usage – Some users complain that the usogood Trail Camera feels heavy if they hold it for long hours.
  • Pricey for Some Buyers – People who don’t have a high budget might not buy the camera due to its high price.

Besides hunting, you can also install the usogood Trail Camera in your garden. Other users can use it for security purposes at home or in the office. When it comes to quality and performance, the usogood Trail Camera is worth your money!

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