Best Chromeboxes of 2017

Chances are that you haven’t heard much about a Chromebox before, so let’s change that and tell you what you can use a Chromebox for. Whether you’re tired of your old desktop because it takes too much space and is too slow or if you need an accessory to manage the tasks on your TV …

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Best Chromebooks of 2017

Chromebooks are becoming increasingly popular in the world of laptops and if you have made up your mind to purchase one, here are the five best Chromebooks that you can consider buying.

Best Chromebases of 2017

The success of Chromebooks and essentially the Chrome OS has led to it being adopted in the desktop form. A Chromebase differs from a Chromebox because it is not just a box with CPU hardware packed into it; it’s a complete desktop with a keyboard, mouse, and internal speakers in the monitors. Chromebase can be …

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5 Ways to Use a Chromebook

Many people are still bouncing off myths about Chromebooks to undermine the value and power that it can give you. Let’s debunk some of these myths and tell you how much more useful a Chromebook can be. These are the five ways to use it that you didn’t think was possible.

5 Best Chromebook Accessories

Of course, you need accessories with laptops and that’s also the case with Chromebooks. However, compatibility can be an issue and you need to find an accessory works best with a Chromebook. Here are the five must-have accessories for you to have if you own a Chromebook.

Chromebooks for Education – 3 Reasons to Choose Them

The statistics are clearly showing that Chromebooks have taken over the iPad and the traditional laptop in the education department as more and more school districts are now moving towards the affordable alternative that is Google’s Chromebook. In terms of size, the Chromebook lies somewhere in between the traditional laptop and tablet. Furthermore, the fact …

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Best 8 Chromebook Games

A Chromebook is not a gaming rig by any means, but that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy gaming on it in your free time. Granted that the selection won’t be as diverse as any other normal PC, but that doesn’t mean you simply give up thinking there’s nothing to play. From RPGs to some addictive …

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