Fix Steam Error Code 105

Steam Error Code 105, which is also known as the “Steam Network Connectivity Error”, happens when your Steam client cannot access the internet. This error can occur for a number of reasons. One reason may be that your computer’s network card has been disabled or you are in an area with no connection to the Internet whatsoever.

This error code is a very common issue that can be resolved by following the instructions in this article. It’s important to know how to fix it, as you don’t want your gaming experience interrupted by an annoying message.

We’ll begin by explaining what triggers Steam error code 105, and then offer some quick fixes.

Steam Error Code 105?

In most cases, it is your internet connection that causes the 105 error code.

It can be your DNS configuration or your slow internet speed.

Ways to Fix Steam Error Code 105

Check if Steam is Online

What if Steam’s servers are not working? Don’t make assumptions that the problem is on your end. Even a big service like Steam can have downtime. Not to mention all of the different internet components in between you and Steam’s servers that could be having problems!

If you find that it’s down for some reason and want to check the last time it was up before your next game night, you can use Steam Status Checker. This website updates automatically and lets you know if there are any known issues with Steam.

Flush DNS

When DNS settings are corrupt or damaged, some clients have been reporting that this has caused Steam errors.

You can open Windows’s cmd and type ipconfig/flushdns to flush the system’s DNS.

Disable Adblock extensions

A few users have reported that disabling their Adblock extensions has fixed the issue. Those extensions might interfere with your Steam client.

Restart PC, Steam, Game

Restarting your PC solves issues.

If not, try shutting down games running on Steam or updating them first if updates are available because those may also cause errors.

You can try running the following commands in Command Prompt: “net stop steam” and “steam”. These will close all instances of Steam on your PC.

Restart modem

Try disconnecting from the internet for a few minutes and then reconnecting. In fact, you can often reboot your modem and solve the problem without having to turn off your computer.

This is because computers are so dependent on their internet connection for processing data and running programs, so if the modem goes down or loses its signal then this will affect every device connected to it – including smartphones, tablets, laptops, etc.

If you have any problems with your connection that cannot be solved by resetting cables or switching connections, try rebooting your modem first before you restart anything else!

Reinstall Steam

If nothing works, It may be time to reinstall Steam completely by going through these steps:

  • Open up Control Panel > Programs & Features > Select Uninstall or Change/Remove programs from the list > Click Install/Uninstall at the top right corner of the window
  • Find ‘Steam’ under the program name column; select it and click Uninstall. Verify deletion with the Yes button prompt.
  • Close Windows without rebooting the computer when done. Now open up the Search bar enter ‘Steam’ and press Enter. A message will appear that says “The product you are looking for is not available in your region.” Click on the Accept button to continue.
  • Select English (US) as the main language
  • Select I agree, Continue, then click Next > click Install Steam

Browser Trick

Different browsers interpret and handle web protocols in their own unique ways. So, using a different browser might just bypass the issue that’s holding you back on Steam.

  • Download an Alternative Browser: If you usually use Chrome, try Firefox or Microsoft Edge, or vice versa.
  • Login to Steam: Open the new browser, head to the Steam website, and log in with your credentials.
  • Try Accessing the Features: Navigate to the pages you were having trouble with. Whether it’s the store, community market, or anything else, give it a go!
  • Bookmark for Later: If it works, you’ve got a temporary fix and can bookmark this browser specifically for Steam.

Note that this is often a band-aid solution. If you consistently need to switch browsers to use Steam, you might want to look into more permanent solutions.

Using a VPN

A VPN can change your virtual location, possibly allowing you to bypass any local or regional network restrictions that might be causing the Steam Error 105.

  • Choose a Reliable VPN: Do some research and choose a VPN service that is known for reliability and good speeds.
  • Install and Connect: Download the VPN software, install it, and connect to a server.
  • Check Steam: Now open Steam and try accessing the problematic features.

Be careful with this one! Using a VPN might violate Steam’s Terms of Service, which could risk your account being banned. If you go down this route, use it sparingly and at your own risk.

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