What is XMP ?

Many file types include information about the contents inside the file, which is called meta data. For example, many photos taken by digital cameras are included with important EXIF data, other types have their metadata saved in formats that can only be understood by a certain program. That’s why we have XMP standard.

Adode’s XMP specification is a solution to the problem of storing metadata. This specification outlines what to include in each data field and how many decimal places should be used for fields like temperature, time pressure, etc…

XMP is a file extension that you might see when downloading files from the internet. It’s important to understand what XMP does and how to use it, because it can affect your computer in many ways.

What is XMP?

XMP stands for “Extensible Metadata Platform.” A .xmp file contains metadata for raw image data or other types of data managed by Adobe products like Photoshop and Illustrator which means that these files contain information about how an image was created or modified so the changes can be preserved even after saving and closing a document.

XMP is typically used for raw image data, but it may contain other types of information as well. XMP includes both XML and RDP languages to describe data.

How do I open an XMP file?

You’ll need Adobe Acrobat Pro DC software installed on your device in order to open an XMP file.

Adobe Acrobat Pro DC is a commercial application that was originally developed by Adobe Systems. Acrobat Pro DC is designed to perform tasks such as creating PDF files, commenting on and annotating documents, filling in forms with information from databases, and more.

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