What is iCloud?

People often ask what is iCloud because it’s not always easy to understand at first glance. The best way for us to answer this question would be by starting off by asking the same thing ourselves: What does iCloud do?

Well, in short, iCloud stores all of your information so you don’t have to worry about losing anything important if something happens to a device or computer that has been backed up on cloud storage! That means people who use Apple products automatically get more security features when they sign into their account.

iCloud is a cloud computing service, and it’s one of the best in the world. It was created by Apple as part of iOS 5 to provide users with data backup, file synchronization and remote storage. iCloud allows you to store your files on Apple servers so they can be accessed anytime from anywhere you have an internet connection. You don’t need to worry about losing all your important files if something happens to your computer because everything will be stored safely on iCloud!

Features of iCloud

  • iCloud is free. You only need to pay if you need more space.
  • iCloud synchronizes your iCloud content with all of your Apple devices wirelessly and automatically.
  • You can save pictures, videos or any other files to the cloud so you always have them even if something happens to your computer.
  • One way that iCloud helps protect data is by making sure it’s encrypted in transit from one device to another as well as when stored on iCloud servers. This means hackers are unable to steal anything without a password!
  • iCloud is an app that lets you share all your files with others, access them from any of your devices and keep everything up to date.

Is iCloud required to use iPhone and iPad?

iCloud is not required to use iOS. You can also backup your iPhone and iPad using iTunes or iCloud for Mac, but we’ll focus on the cloud-only solution here.

The free version of iCloud allows you to store up to 5 GB of data in total across all the devices that are signed into an Apple ID account. That includes any photos, contacts, email messages (if configured), calendars events, reminders – basically anything that’s synced from a device via Wi-Fi will end up in iCloud storage space unless it needs more than 5GB of room. If you need more storage capacity then you can upgrade your subscription.

Is iCloud safe?

iCloud securely stores your most important data and files in the cloud. All your photos, videos, music, contacts are safe with iCloud.

Are there any risks to using iCloud? Yes, but fortunately they’re pretty rare. You’ll want be extra careful with your Apple ID password and always make sure you have a recent backup of all the data on your iPhone or iPad in case something goes wrong.

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