What is Edtech?

Education used to be a rather simple process. Students went into the classroom, sat at their desk, listened to the teacher and did what they were told. Today, we live in an age of technology that has changed everything about how students learn – from when they learn to where they are learning.

Edtech is short for education technology and it is revolutionizing education as we know it. Edtech consists of hardware, such as Chromebook and laptop, and software, such as applications for mobile. These days it can be as simple as providing access to online courses that supplement traditional classes. Or using platforms like Google Classroom where teachers can assign homework assignments with links embedded so students just need to click on them!

Why is edtech impacting education today?

While many teachers have been using technology in their classrooms for years, the Internet has made it possible to make connections with experts and other people who are passionate about learning.

This means that we’re now able to share knowledge and skills at a rate faster than ever before! The use of technology has also empowered students by giving them access to information on topics they want to learn more about – not just what’s being taught in class.

  • Edtech is important because it can help students learn more effectively.
  • Edtech helps teachers teach in a more engaging way.
  • Edtech can be used to create new, innovative ways for students to learn.
  • Edtech has the potential to transform education as we know it and make it better than ever before.
  • The future of edtech looks bright – there are so many possibilities that haven’t been explored yet!

How can you use edtech?

If you’re looking for ways to incorporate educational tech in your home, there are some great options out there! One such resource is Khan Academy, which offers countless video tutorials on topics like math, science, and history. You can also use Google Classroom to help organize your assignments!

If you’re a teacher or other educator who wants to find more resources for technology in the classroom, edtech companies have made it easy with websites and applications. In 2020, we embraced the rise in popularity of Zoom which is used to broadcast real-time courses by many schools and universities,

There’s no doubt about it – EdTech has changed education as we know it. And this doesn’t just apply to teachers or parents; students are impacted too! Increasingly educators see themselves as facilitators of learning rather than dispensers of information as they help students learn in new ways and from a variety of sources.

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