Online Case Converter

Online Case Converter can convert the input text to UPPER CASE, lower case, Title Case, Sentence case, and Capitalized Case. The case conversion is done once you input text then press the respective button.

If you type a block of text in wrong case accidentally or you want to make sure a phase have the right capitalization, don’t worry. You can fix them in seconds. Simply type or paste your text into the text area above and click on buttons to convert the text into respective cases.

  • lower case: all of your text have lower case.
  • Sentence case: your text’s first character is converted into upper case, and the rest is converted into lower case.
  • Capitalized Case: the first character of each word is capitalized.
  • Title Case: it is similar to Capitalized Case.

After you modified the block of text to desired case, you can highlight the block of text in the textarea and copy them.

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