What is OTT?

You may have heard about OTT or Over-the-top before and not even realized it. It is a term that describe non-traditional mediums that are sent over the internet.

There are 2 common types which is OTT Content and OTT Message. Both require internet access such as DSL or mobile data.

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OTT Content

Over-the-top content refers to medium that are delivered directly to users. They can be downloaded and viewed on demand.

There are many famous providers such as Netflix and Hulu. But nowadays, free services like Youtube and Vimeo are their indirect competitors. A good example of over-the-top content is a video or an animation that has been created for your company and put on social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube etc.

As a business, you should also be using this type of content to help promote new brands you are working with in case there’s not enough promotion happening through those channels already. For example if a customer sees something they like from one brand but then they see other things they might want from another different brand the right way to do it would be by having them click the link to visit their website which will probably have more information about what else they offer as well as links leading back into your own site too so people can purchase products directly from you.

OTT Message

SMS was the only way to send messages among people using a mobile phone. Nowadays we have many mobile apps that offers free messaging. You can name a few like WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, etc…

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