What is Micro USB? Advantages of Using Micro USB

Micro USB is a type of connector that was created in order to replace the traditional USB connector. It’s smaller and it also has a reversible design, meaning there are no wrong ways to insert it. The micro USB connector can be found on many different devices, including smartphones, cameras, car stereos, TVs, and more!

The Micro-USB interface was introduced as a new standard by the Universal Serial Bus Implementers Forum (USB IF) group of companies in 2009. Its purpose was to simplify and improve upon its predecessor: the Mini-B USB 2.0 plug (or Type B). The Micro USB 3x3mm rectangular receptacle replaces both Mini-B plugs and sockets for higher power applications up to 2A at 5V.

The Micro-USB connection was designed by the USB Implementers Forum, Inc. (USB-IF), a non-profit corporation that promotes USB technology. The micro USB specification will be used by a variety of firms in their future devices.

Advantages of Micro USB

Universal design

The micro USB connector is almost universal in design, able to fit into any device that has a matching port. This makes it easier for manufacturers to create devices because they don’t have to do the extra work of creating individualized connectors for each model.

Smaller size

Using a smaller Micro-USB plug size also means more efficient space utilization and reduced size and weight of the final product. The Micro-USB interface is smaller than all existing Mini-B connectors and it weighs less than its predecessor while adding additional power capabilities of up to 2A (allowing charging up to two times faster). It also offers better performance with lower implementation costs.

The smaller size means that it is able to fit into a mobile device’s port with ease, even when a case is on the phone or tablet. Also, the simple and streamlined design makes it reversible so there are no wrong ways to plug in the cord.

This eliminates frustrations caused by conventional USB plugs which can be plugged in upside down; making them sometimes difficult to use without looking at the first (this goes for both micro and mini USB).

Save costs for manufacturers

The invention of the micro USB has made it easier for manufacturers to create devices because they do not need to make custom connectors that fit into their products. This not only saves them money on production but also time, making more efficient use of resources.

One other significant application is in high-power electronic products like TVs and car stereos where the micro USB port allows for faster charging while reducing product size and weight by reducing the amount of metal needed to achieve power conductivity.

Support USB OTG

The USB OTG supplement allows for easy communication between devices that are not connected to each other via a computer. This new connector type will support the micro-USB specification, which was invented in order to meet this need and more!


Overall, this new connector is smaller than its predecessor which makes it compatible with virtually any device. It can charge more effectively than previous versions while saving manufacturers time and money in development. With increasingly more powerful tools being developed every day, it is important to have an efficient way of charging them up when the battery runs low.

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