5 Best USB Car Chargers

Picture this; you are on a long drive in your car, but suddenly your phone battery is low. How will you solve this? By using a USB car adapter for charging, of course! USB car chargers utilize your car’s lighter port by converting it into a USB port for charging. You will not have any device’s battery running out on any long drives anymore. And you can even top up your Android phone’s battery while you are driving to school or work. Just be sure to read through this article to get information about the best USB car chargers on the market.

Nekteck USB Car Charger

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Nekteck USB Car Charger is the perfect set for people on-the-go. Coming in a sleek and durable design, this charger features 60W capacity and can support devices such as laptops, travel printers, gaming consoles or other power hungry USB gadgets.

You’re going to need something that is going to provide you with reliable power without running out of juice or getting hot. This unit features a data transfer rate up to 480 Mbps which means that you don’t have to wait for your device to recharge while managing multiple tasks at the same time!

Nekteck USB Car Charger will charge your Android and iOS devices such as HTC 10, Nokia N1, LG G5/G6, and Asus Zen AiO in the car. It is a reliable car charger with its power of 60W to provide extended battery life and mobile device charging without fears.

Once your need for more power arises during periods of light usage or you’re driving through harsh terrain where electrical outlets are not easily accessible, stop at the nearest convenience store with public AC plug-ins (standard outlets) instead of an occasional cigarette lighter outlet found in most vehicles today which has limited availability.

You can use Nekteck USB Car Charger as a solution for those times when electronic devices have low battery levels without being plugged into an outlet.

Scosche PowerVolt PD40 (CPDCC40)

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The Scosche PowerVolt PD40 (CPDCC40) is the perfect gift for any dad or mom who wants to keep their kids entertained during road trips. This compact and powerful product has two 20W Power Delivery (PD) ports, so you’ll be able to charge your devices at least three times faster than a standard charger. Love listening to music?

The CPO 40 will get you back in touch with your tunes quickly – all while supporting high quality car adapters like yours. Let’s face it, electronics take up so much room these days and the SU-PSN10 Portable Surge Protector is perfect for getting rid of those wires and keeping the clutter from taking over your vehicle.

It securely plugs into your dash power outlet to recharge. The dual 20W ports support various wattages for phones, tablets, and laptops so you can quickly charge two devices simultaneously. Simple plug-and-charge charging features let you swap from DC input to AC output in seconds as needed. Get all of the power that comes out of one wall socket with this handy dual port adapter!

Aukey CC-T7

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This charger comes with one major advantage; it is very cheap. It sacrifices many of the extra frills that other USB car charger adapters come with, to deliver car charging at a more low and small price. It is an extremely basic charging adapter. The Aukey CC-T7 charger does not come with any LED lights or surge protection. And it is quite small but still offers two ports for connections. Do not let the price tag fool you, though, this car charging adapter is still quite sturdy and well-made, able to serve well for years.

Ventev Dashport r1240

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If you want an adapter that is even cheaper and smaller, then you cannot beat the Ventev Dashport r1240. It is very compact, as it only has one connection slot. This allows for a more rapid recharging for Android devices because power only needs to be routed through a single USB port. The price tag is also quite reasonable.

Ankler 5-port USB Car Charger

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Too many people in your car, or are there too many devices? Make room for them all with this Ankler gadget that comes with 5 powers. This one also has a wire, that allows it to stretch which will accommodate people sitting in the back of your car.

Conclusion: If you are a frequent traveler or have ever been on a long drive in your car, you know the constant struggle of having to deal with dead phone batteries. However, this is now an issue of the past thanks to USB car chargers that can be plugged into any standard 12V lighter outlet and convert it into a charging port for all your devices including smartphones like iPhone Xs Max (64GB) – Space Gray-Silver . With these handy little gadgets at hand, no device’s battery will die during those dreaded trips anymore! And if you want even more peace of mind when driving around town with friends or family, we recommend investing in one of our top 5 best USB car chargers reviewed above.

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