What is EVDO?

EVDO is a type of wireless broadband internet connection. It’s not as fast as fiber optic, but it offers more reliability and stability than traditional dial-up connections. EVDO stands for Enhanced Voice Data Optimized Packet System.

EVDO is a type of 3G data technology that uses the standard CDMA protocol to communicate with cell towers at speeds of 1.8-2.4 Mbit/s downstream and 153-768 kbit/s upstream.

EVDO-enabled smartphones can transmit and receive data quickly because the technology is always “on” whenever there is a wireless tower signal.

Unlike WiFi, which requires a device to be within range of a wireless hotspot in order to connect, an EVDO connection does not need to be near one; the phone may instead act as a hotspot and share its Internet connection with other devices.

Benefits of Using EVDO

  • It is a wireless connection that doesn’t require cables or wires, making it more accessible than other types of high-speed internet connections.
  • It does not rely on traditional phone lines to function which means that problems with the landline won’t affect your data service.
  • It can be accessed anywhere that there is a cellular tower.
  • EVDO speeds are around 10 megabytes per second, compared to standard DSL which typically has download speeds of under 1 megabyte/second and cable internet which reaches about 50-100 megabytes per second.
  • It can be accessed via laptops, tablets, and smartphones as well as other web-enabled devices.
  • It is a high-speed connection that allows for quick uploading and downloading of information using the Internet.

EVDO Has Some Drawbacks

  • The technology itself is limited to smartphones and tablets. It also cannot be used on devices other than smartphones or tablets without connecting it to an external data card.
  • Data caps limit the amount of usage that customers can get out of their wireless subscriptions.
  • Because it’s a wireless connection, hotspots may not always allow for high-speed data transfer; some users report speeds as low as 600 kbit/s.
  • EVDO is a type of 3G data technology, which means that it’s slower than 4G and 802.11a wireless connections as well as some other types of broadband internet technologies like fiber optic.
  • It can’t transfer files as large as some other types of broadband internet connections are capable of doing.

How Does Wireless Broadband Work?

To use wireless broadband, EVDO requires a laptop computer, smartphone, or tablet equipped with a wireless card. As long as there is coverage from the cell tower, the device will be able to connect to EVDO.

While you are within range of a cellular tower, the phone will not only be able to send and receive voice data but can do so quickly because it is always on.

All EVDO-enabled devices have wireless broadband capabilities right out of the box. The user simply needs to purchase an internet plan from their cell service provider in order to access the data.

Today, many cellular providers like Verizon and Sprint offer EVDO services to their customers. The technology has grown in popularity over the years due to its convenience and mobility.

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