What is Email Bomb?

An email bomb is a spamming campaign that sends large number of emails to one person in a short period of time. These are often sent by spammers who want to use up your inbox space, or get you in trouble with your internet service provider. Not only do they take up valuable space in your inbox, but they can also be damaging for those on shared hosting plans because of the excessive bandwidth usage involved.

How to prevent email bomb

Following are steps you can take to report spam and not get caught up in a “bomb.”

  1. You’ll need to check the subject line. If it makes no sense or is suspicious then don’t open it because this will most likely be an email bomb.
  2. Look for attachments that are being sent with no apparent reason such as strange file types like .exe files which might have malware inside of them. These could result in your computer getting infected so delete these immediately!
  3. If someone sends multiple emails at once about different topics without any clear connection than they probably want to use up space on your inbox too so watch out for those suspect messages!
  4. Once you’ve identified one of these dangerous bombs (or any other kind of spam) you’ll need to delete it and unsubscribe from the sender. If they’re emailing with lots of different subjects, then adding them as a contact might be in your best interest if there’s important info coming through that way!
  5. And finally, turn on Gmail filters so that emails like these don’t get past the spam folder.

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