What is eBook?

Nowadays, most people read books on their smartphones or tablets because they are so convenient to carry around with you. Ebooks take this one step further by offering instant access to all titles in your library just as if they were stored on your device.

What is an ebook?

eBook (or e-book) is short for “electronic book.” An eBook is a digital copy of the text and images from a book. While this may not sound like anything new, it has actually been around since 1984 when Michael Hart first coined the term “e-book.” Today eBooks are more popular than ever before and offer many benefits that make them worth considering for your business.

Formats of an eBook

An ebook is a digital file that can be read using an e-reader or on your computer. It’s also possible to use the Kindle reading application, which makes it easy to download and store books you want to read offline.

The files are either delivered in .mobi format for Kindles, or .epub files which work with most other brands of readers. They’re usually DRM protected too so they cannot be shared illegally once bought. This means no worries about anyone else downloading a copy without paying but it also ensures these files are portable across different devices instead of being tied down by one manufacturer’s proprietary technology. The providers may have additional restrictions on where and how long you can access them though such as if only within a certain time period or on certain devices.

Benefits of using eBook

You can download any title at any time without having to worry about carrying physical copies around with you. Plus, your library can grow as your budget does so you will never be lacking in reading material.

eBooks are also great for the environment because they don’t require paper and ink to produce, which means less chemicals getting into our air and water. Not only that, eBooks take up a fraction of space on shelves or in storage units than physical books do. This helps save money not just by reducing what we need but it also reduces clutter from taking up more room with unnecessary items.

It’s a cheaper option to buy digital books than physical copies because you don’t need to pay for the printing, shipping and distributing costs that come with physical products.

Buying eBooks also means no more worries about lending out your favorite titles so everyone can enjoy reading them! You’ll never lose any books again either if you keep everything in one place digitally rather than relying on shelves full of paperbacks.

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