What is a Power Monitor?

Power monitors are typically devices that plug into standard wall outlets and connect with a special electric meter that measures the total wattage being pulled from the hub and displays this data in real time. Some models even have smart phone apps that work in conjunction with the display screen of the device. They provide detailed information about your home’s power use, letting you know what appliances are using electricity at a given moment and for how long. 

What Do Electricity Monitors Measure?

Electricity monitors provide much more in-depth information than your utility company is willing to disclose. The main thing they measure is kilowatt hours (kWh). This measurement represents the total amount of energy used at a given time, whether it’s from flipping on a light switch or running a blow dryer.

Power monitors also typically feature load sensors which can determine the overall power draw of appliances based on how they use electricity. Some models come with an LCD display screen that shows power usage in real-time so you know exactly when every appliance in your home is using electricity.

If you don’t feel like getting up and checking the monitor each time you use an appliance, there are models equipped with Wi-Fi so you can track your energy usage from your smart phone. 

Are Electricity Monitors Accurate?

The accuracy of these devices depends on the model and brand you choose. Some are more advanced than others, but all measure kilowatts properly because that’s how electric companies charge residential customers for their power use each month.

That being said, some cheaper brands have been known to make mistakes and provide inaccurate information about power consumption or load readings.

Always read online reviews of a product before making your purchase to see if other users have had issues with the quality and accuracy of any particular model. 

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