Different Types of Dongles

Dongles are small devices that extend the capabilities of your computer or phone. They can be used to transfer information, power a device, connect to the internet, and more! This article will explore some of the most common types of dongles available on today’s market.

Different Types of Dongles

5 Different Types of Dongles

USB Dongles

The most common and widely used type of computer dongle is the USB dongle. This mini device plugs into a USB port on your computer. Once plugged in, you can access files or transfer information with ease.

Many people choose to use a USB dongle for transferring photos from their camera to their computer as it is quick and easy – just insert one end of the dongle into the camera and the other end into your computer’s USB port to begin moving those valuable memories!

You can also use a USB dongle to connect your computer to wireless internet either directly through Wifi-Direct technology or by using an Ethernet cable (see below). The best part about these tiny devices is that they usually come free or at a cost of a few dollars!

USB dongles are available for purchase from a variety of different retailers, but be sure to do your research and shop around as some stores will offer better deals than others.

Hardware Key Dongles

The hardware key is another type of computer dongle that can be used to transfer information and power a device. The hardware key attaches to the top of the laptop and can come in many different shapes and sizes.

It is important to purchase your hardware key from a reputable company as there are many cheap knockoffs available on the market today, which have been known to fail quickly, posing a serious safety hazard for devices.

This dongle is required in order for the software to operate. Many dongles are locked by software that sends a code to the dongle when it is opened, which is intended to be responded with the user’s unique account information.

Once the dongle is unlocked, it can be used to open and access the program on your computer.

Ethernet Dongles

If you don’t have an active internet connection or want to use your smartphone as a mobile hotspot, an Ethernet dongle is a perfect solution. Instead of plugging directly into your computer’s USB port, these devices plug into an open ethernet port on your router or modem either wirelessly or through a network cable.

These devices also allow you to access files on another laptop/smartphone/tablet if they are connected to the same network. You can do this by sharing a drive or a folder that is shared on your computer.

These devices are not free and you will likely have to pay a monthly subscription fee for the data services they provide. However, if you don’t use them often, it could be worth looking into as an economical option!

WiFi Dongle/Card

A WiFi dongle or card plugs directly into your laptop’s USB port and allows you to connect to wireless internet without using your phone as a hotspot.

These dongles usually come with their own software which creates its own network from which other devices can connect. This means you won’t need to share any of your personal information or files with anyone else that might want to access your network!

These devices are more expensive than a USB dongle, but their added security makes them worth the extra cost. Many of these WiFi dongles also have an ethernet port so you can plug into a wired internet connection if available. Just be sure to check what type of ports each device has before purchasing it!

Bluetooth Dongles

Bluetooth dongles allow you to connect Bluetooth-capable devices together over a short range of up to 30 feet. They do not require any cables or wires and instead send data between two or more Bluetooth-enabled devices using radio waves.

These devices come with built-in software that is configured for use immediately after setting up the hardware itself.

Some examples of common uses for Bluetooth dongles include keyboards, speakers, headphones, and game controllers.

If you already own devices that use this technology or want to buy some new ones, a Bluetooth dongle is a perfect option for you! Just make sure to check compatibility before purchasing any hardware.

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