6 Best Laravel Admin Packages to Use for Backend

Laravel is a modern PHP framework that has become the most used one in recent years. There are many great Laravel admin packages which can help you start making websites easier.

These packages are for admin features only. If you want a package for both frontend and backend, you should choose Laravel CMSes instead.


Backpack uses the latest version of the free AdminLTE theme as base theme for backend. It provides a beautiful theme for admin while supporting standard features such as login/register/forgot-password views, bubble notifications, and error views for most common errors. Backpack CRUD can help developer quickly create any types of websites from presentation ones to complex web apps like CMS, CRM, or e-commerce. Backpack Generators allows you to generate a migration, model, request and controller with one command line. This package can be used for free on non-commercial project or at €39 for a single commercial product.


Voyager is a Laravel Admin package that has BREAD operations,
a media manager, menu builder, and much more built-in. Voyager’s media manager allows you to view/edit/delete files from your storage and it works amazingly. Voyager can also be customized to use as frontend. Custom data types can be added to avoid coding from scratch for complicated features.


LaraAdmin is a multipurpose admin panel. It is often used as a CRM website. This package is flexible to use so you can create any types of sites with admin features. LaraAdmin features Module Manager, CRUD Generator, Upload Manager, Menu Manager, Role & Permission Configurations. All you need for a website are there. Its online code editor based on Ace Editor will help developer save time from debugging and making small changes.

Laravel Boilerplate

Laravel Boilerplate is a starter kit with many included features. It includes Access Control, Frontend and Backend Controllers, User Dashboard and Administration Dashboard with CoreUI, Default Forms Converted to Form Helper Methods, Namespaced Routes, Helper Functions, Socialite Integration, Bootstrap, FontAwesome, and more.

Boostrap Starter Kit

This is a Laravel Framework 5 Bootstrap 3 Starter. This package features automatic installation, user and role, multi-languages, photos and albums, article and article categories, DataTables for content listing, Summernote WYSIWYG, and more. It is also a basic frontend website with news, photo and video galleries.

Josh Admin Template

This package is marked by a design which works swiftly. Moreover, the package manages to offer a variety of data types ranging from views, sales to subscribers.

Sximo CMS Generator

This package is compatible with Laravel 5.x. The fact that you can use the Code Builder to produce modules further adds to the charm of using the package.