12 Best Laravel Admin Packages to Use for Backend – Laravel Admin Panel and Dashboard

Laravel is a modern PHP framework that has become the most used one in recent years. There are many great Laravel admin packages that can help you start making websites easier.

These packages are for admin features only. If you want a package for both frontend and backend, you should choose Laravel CMSes instead.

Josh Admin Template

The Josh Admin Template is a package that is known for its fast and efficient design. It offers a wide range of data types, such as views, sales, and subscribers. This template provides more than 100 common pages, including Login, Register, and User Manager.

With the Josh Admin Template, you can easily create a CRUD module in just 5 minutes. It automates the creation of models, controllers, database schema, and other files, saving you time and effort.

Filament PHP

Filament is a Laravel package that provides developers with a user-friendly toolkit for creating powerful and customizable administration panels. It is built using the TALL stack, which includes Tailwind CSS, Alpine.js, Laravel, and Livewire. With Filament, you can effortlessly create a sleek and adaptable admin interface.

namespace App\Filament\Widgets;
use App\Models\Patient;
use Filament\Widgets\StatsOverviewWidget as BaseWidget;
use Filament\Widgets\StatsOverviewWidget\Stat;
class PatientTypeOverview extends BaseWidget
    protected function getStats(): array
        return [
            Stat::make('Cats', Patient::query()->where('type', 'cat')->count()),
            Stat::make('Dogs', Patient::query()->where('type', 'dog')->count()),
            Stat::make('Rabbits', Patient::query()->where('type', 'rabbit')->count()),

Key Features:

  • Extensive Customization: Filament allows you to easily customize the components, layout, and design to suit your specific requirements.
  • Pre-built Components: Take advantage of a wide range of ready-to-use components that come with Filament, saving you time and effort.
  • Seamless Integration with Laravel: Filament is designed to seamlessly integrate with Laravel, making it a breeze to incorporate into your Laravel project.
  • Responsive Design: Filament ensures that your admin interface looks fantastic on screens of all sizes, providing a seamless user experience.


Laravel Nova is a user-friendly admin panel designed specifically for Laravel applications. Developed and maintained by the Laravel team, it offers a visually appealing interface that can be easily customized to suit the needs of developers.

Laravel Nova can seamlessly integrate with Laravel’s Eloquent ORM. This means that managing database records becomes incredibly intuitive, allowing developers to easily handle and manipulate data.

In addition to its integration with Eloquent, Laravel Nova also provides developers with a range of customizable tools. This includes the ability to add custom tools, lenses, and cards to the interface, giving developers the flexibility to tailor the admin panel to their unique requirements.

Laravel Nova can perform batch actions. This means that developers can manipulate multiple records at once, saving time and effort.

To help refine search results, Laravel Nova offers customizable filters. This allows developers to easily narrow down search queries to find the specific data they are looking for.

For managing user permissions, Laravel Nova seamlessly integrates with Laravel’s native policy system. This ensures that developers can easily define and enforce user permissions within the admin panel.

Twill CMS

Twill is like a handy toolbox for developers, specifically those using Laravel. It’s a free-to-use package that makes building a personalized and attractive content management system (CMS) quicker and easier. Its design is focused on the needs of modern publishing, and it allows developers to have full control without having to deal with the same old functions they’d usually need to write from scratch.

What makes Twill special is that it’s a product by AREA 17. They created it because they think that working with content management shouldn’t just be effective – it should be fun and inspiring for both the people who publish content and the developers who build the system.

Now, let’s talk about the perks:

  • Loaded with Features: Thanks to a bunch of ready-made features and special Vue.js UI components, developers can put their energy into making their applications stand out, not just rewriting the basics.
  • Flexible Design: Twill isn’t bossy. It doesn’t tie you down to specific ways of doing things. Here’s how:
    • No Lock-In: Build your data models or connect existing ones.
    • No Assumptions: Whether you want to use it inside your Laravel app or run it headless, Twill doesn’t mind.
    • No Unwanted Extras: Only use the features you want. Switch off the rest.
    • No HTML Hassles: You won’t need to fiddle with HTML for the admin user interface.
    • No Boundaries: Feel free to extend Twill and make it fit your project.


The Backpack is a tech tool that utilizes the most up-to-date version of the AdminLTE theme as its foundation for the backend. This theme offers an aesthetically pleasing design for administrators, while also including essential features such as login, registration, and password recovery views. Additionally, it provides bubble notifications and error views for common errors. 

Backpack’s CRUD functionality enables developers to swiftly create various types of websites. Whether it’s a simple presentation website or a complex web application like a content management system (CMS), customer relationship management (CRM), or e-commerce platform, the Backpack can handle it all.

Another handy feature is the Backpack Generators, which allows users to generate a migration, model, request, and controller with just one command line. This streamlines the development process and saves time.

It’s worth noting that the Backpack can be used for free on non-commercial projects. However, for a single commercial product, it is available for €39.


Voyager is a Laravel Admin package that offers a range of useful features. It includes BREAD operations, a media manager, a menu builder, and much more. The media manager allows you to easily view, edit, and delete files from your storage. It is highly efficient and user-friendly.

Voyager can be customized to be used as a frontend. You can even add custom data types to simplify the development process for complex features, eliminating the need to code everything from scratch.


LaraAdmin is a multipurpose admin panel. It is often used as a CRM website. This package is flexible to use so you can create any type of site with admin features. LaraAdmin features Module Manager, CRUD Generator, Upload Manager, Menu Manager, and Role & Permission Configurations.

All you need for a website are there. Its online code editor based on Ace Editor will help developers save time from debugging and making small changes.

Laravel Boilerplate

Laravel Boilerplate is a starter kit with many included features. It includes Access Control, Frontend and Backend Controllers, User Dashboard and Administration Dashboard with CoreUI, Default Forms Converted to Form Helper Methods, Namespaced Routes, Helper Functions, Socialite Integration, Bootstrap, FontAwesome, and more.

Boostrap Starter Kit

This is a Laravel Framework 5 Bootstrap 3 Starter. This package features automatic installation, user and role, multi-languages, photos and albums, article and article categories, DataTables for content listing, Summernote WYSIWYG, and more.

It is also a basic frontend website with news, photo, and video galleries.


QuickAdminPanel can generate a full Laravel project with no required packages and syntax to learn. The panel allows you to register and create menus/fields/relationships online, and install modules.

QuickAdminPanel homepage is helpful with lots of different types of sites such as file storage websites, blogs, online shopping websites, hotel bookings, and learning management systems.

InfyOm Laravel Generator

InfyOm is an admin generator. Even though it focuses on generating APIs for all functional admin features, it provides both backend and front-end UI. In terms of CSS framework, it provides 2 templates to choose from: AdminLTE (infyomlabs/adminlte-templates) and Bootstrap (infyomlabs/core-templates). InfyOm can generate CRUD or APIs from different sources, including existing database and JSON schema files.

appzcoder Laravel CRUD Generator

Laravel CRUD Generator provides various generators like CRUD, API, Controller, Model, Migration, and View for your applications.

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