What is Zone File?

The zone file is a text file that contains information for the DNS server. The Zone File allows you to specify what domain name should resolve to which IP address, and vice versa. For example, we can use this information to tell the DNS server that www.example-site.com should be directed to (the external IP of our webserver) or 10.10.1/24 (a subnet on our internal network).

Zones can be located in various places on the network, but one place they always reside is at Primary DNS Servers which have been configured to serve as primary name servers.

This type of zone will typically contain more than just domain entries; it may also include records such as pointers to secondary or tertiary name servers, MX records with mail exchange hosts, TXT records containing text like SPF or DMARC headers etc…This means when anyone requests example.com from within our own LAN (network), this computer would go through IP address 127.0.0

How Important is a Zone File?

Zone File is a file that contains information about domains and the addresses of nameservers that are authoritative for those domains. Zone files are important for two reasons.

First, they tell the DNS server what to do with requests from clients (i.e., your browser).

Second, they keep track of information about a domain’s IP address in order to prevent hackers from spoofing domains and redirecting traffic elsewhere on the Internet. Zone Files also control other aspects of how internet traffic is routed through an organization’s network.

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