10 Classic Card Games That Still Reign Supreme

What is the best indoor game that provides an immense thrill and sharpens your mind? Regarding critical thinking and logical analysis, nothing beats the supremacy of playing cards. A conventional deck of cards can be used to play many different games. In fact, most of these games date back centuries. Other card games don’t involve playing cards. They have their unique set of cards to Let us take a journey to learn ten such classic card games that we love to play for mind exercises.

Ten Popular Classic Card Games to Play

Call Break

Call Break is a two-player game you would prefer to play as a pastime. A player gets ten cards initially and starts by making a call or trick. He will then begin this game by picking up a card from the face-down pile and discarding one unnecessary card. In this way, a player will start making sequences or melds with the cards in his hands. Your prime aim is to collect all the tricks you made right at the beginning of this game. This exciting game is quite popular in the South-Asian countries.

Teen Patti

Teen Patti, the Indian version of 3-card poker, is played with a conventional card deck. This card game is generally played with wagers and stakes. Every player gets three cards dealt by a dealer. All the players are obliged to use the hand ranking system. There are specific rules that all players will follow, and they try to win a hand by making the highest hands. Apart from luck, this game needs card-counting and analytical skills to succeed. In the end, the player with the best combination of cards wins.


Poker is quite popular as a casino game across the world. In this card game, a winner is also decided based on the hand rankings. Multiple combinations of cards are ranked based on the conventional rules. 2 to 10 players can play poker simultaneously. This is one reason that makes this game very interesting for all. Generally, a poker game is played in four rounds. In the end, the highest point taker wins the pot.


Rummy is another match-making card game where players aim to make sets or runs with the cards in their hands. They will get a turn to pick one card from the face-down pile and make sequences or sets. This card game has unique variations that originated in different countries due to local practices. It is a game of mind tricks and a hint of luck. The player who forms melds with all his cards in hand wins the game. The other players aim to pass their free cards into the melds or sequences others make. 


Bridge is considered one of the most challenging classic card games that are still very popular among enthusiasts. In this game, four players participate, and each gets 13 cards. Two players form a team and compete against the other. Each team will call a set of tricks. Based on the calls, a game is set, and the player who reaches the highest tricks will aim to fulfill it. The opponent team will try to foil their trick-taking plan and score points. This card game has multiple variants developed in different parts of the world.


This card game is commonly known as 21. This casino card game is very popular among fans as they must keep their hand value closest to 21 and beat the dealer. Every card has a value, and each player gets two. The player decides to continue with the two cards or get another from the dealer. Ultimately, the hand with the value closest to 21 wins the game. The simplicity of this card game is what makes it a timeless classic.


Solitaire is a card game played by only one player. This card game demands intelligence and card-counting skills to solve and complete a level. A player must arrange all the cards in proper sequence to form suits. The twist is that the player will not be able to reveal all the cards at the same time. He can only use the top card on a 3-card pile to continue making suits. 


Spades are a trick-taking card game where players have to call the number of winnable tricks by judging the cards in hand. Spades are always the trump suit here. This game allows four to six players to make a team and compete. When six players play, two decks are used. They call the tricks and aim to recover to score points. The highest point-scoring team wins in the end. 


Hearts is a unique card game that has been popular for centuries now. In this classic game, four players participate. Each gets 13 cards, and only the Hearts suit contains points. The Queen of Hearts includes 13 points, and the rest have one. The prime aim of the players is to avoid taking tricks that involve the Hearts suit. The game begins by passing three cards to the next player. In the end, the lowest scorer wins the game. There is a twist in this game. If a player collects the entire suit of Hearts, he will make other players add more points to their scorecards and win the hand.


Canasta is the upgraded version of Rummy, where two decks of cards are used. In this game, the players will collect cards by following the rules of Rummy and try to make melds and sequences but in a different way. They have to form a set of seven cards to form a meld. They can use a decided wild card to complete creating melds and win.


These are the top ten popular card games that are all-time classics. The charm of these card games will never fade. This is why game developers have created digital versions of these games so that players like you can play them anywhere, anytime. It is time to find the right classic card game for you. Find your suitable card game and download an app. Invite your friends to a virtual private room and play your favorite card game with them.

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