Working with XML in Dart and Flutter

Dart offers dart:io package for reading file. To traverse an XML file, we need more than that package. Table of Contents xmlxml_parserxml2json xml xml is a Dart library for parsing, traversing, querying, transforming and building XML documents. xml_parser This is an unopinionated XML parser that can read, traverse, and write XML documents. xml2json Like the …

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Video Gaming as a Hobby

Playing games is your thing? You are considering as time wasting or trying to explain that it is something more? Actually, video gaming is a hobby. By definition, everything you do in your free time is considered as a hobby so video gaming is the best hobby of all times. 65% of adults in the …

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How to install Laravel DaybydayCRM

DaybydayCRM is a Laravel’s CRM package (customer relationship management) based on Laravel 7. It can help you keep track of your client, projects, tasks, appointments, etc.  Steps to install Create an empty folder then clone from git with git clone Copy the .env.example to .env and modify database depends on your localhost’s database name and …

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Free Bootstrap Framework Web Templates

Following are our collection of the best free Bootstrap 4 templates, you are treated only with the top design for building professional pages. Basic Lite  Basic Lite is a professional design for a portfolio or business website. It features a sticky header navigation that can smooth scroll, a gorgeous header design, press logos, SaaS service …

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9 Best Sites for Free Email Templates

Designing an email from scratch is no joke. There are lots of free email templates out there for us to use out-of-the-box. Sendinblue Sendinblue will give you access to plenty of templates, whether you are after galleries or editing tools. There are more than 60 templates to choose from. You will also find numerous functions, …

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