Best Apps That Offer Free Music Downloads for Android

Nowadays, having at least one gadget with music player has become a must-have. Amidst all hustle-bustle of life, music help us relax our mind and think rationally even in stressful situations. Perhaps, carrying an MP3 player or portable music player everywhere may not be feasible. Fortunately, smartphones manufacturers took into consideration this need and incorporated …

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New Features in Android Studio 3.0

During Google I/O 2017, Google announced a new version with core IDE changes. Android Studio 3 comes with many new features which makes Android development better than ever.

Schedule a Service Using AlarmManager and JobScheduler

Service is commonly used for background tasks such as sending a request to an API and downloading file. Service runs only once. To make it run periodically, AlarmManager and JobScheduler are used. Both can be used to initiate a long-running operation outside the lifetime of your app. 

10+ Best Kotlin Libraries for Android Development

Kotlin has been gaining momentum in becoming a main language to develop Android app. Kotlin already works well with third party libraries which are developed in Java. This post will focus on the best libraries written for Kotlin.

How to Disable Icon Frame in Samsung’s Touchwiz

Everyone knows that Samsung make their phones’ UX different from other Android phones with Touchwiz. And this time, Samsung decided to add a rounded square around an app’s icon, which I think they take customization a little too far. If your Samsung phones are running Android 7 Nougat, you will recognize this new change.

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