3 Best Laravel CRM Packages

There are many great CRM platforms out there. If you love coding in Laravel, these CRM packages will be your best choices.

10 Best WordPress Portfolio Themes

Portfolio WordPress themes are the most popular and the most commonly downloaded themes for the platform in question. They have the main role in displaying your experience and helping you promote your business. But, it is tricky to choose the best one, simply due to its number. We managed to do that and to present …

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10 Best Woocommerce WordPress Themes

Developing a successful online store is much easier with WooCommerce and Word Press. Together, these may be the best possible platforms. Obviously, an essential element is the theme. Choosing the most suitable one can make a difference and therefore increase your profit.

10 Best WordPress Restaurant and Coffee Shop Themes

WordPress themes for restaurants are truly special. They can make a difference between the popular and desirable place to eat and another ‘’place’’. As such, you will need the best WordPress themes developed specifically for this purpose. Here are 10 of them which are just right.

Top 5 MOBA Games for PC

Although MOBA is a pretty new genre when compared to others in the gaming industry, it’s safe to say that there are lots of great titles to play within this category. In fact, most of these games are free of charge, so they tend to have a massive player base. But the interesting thing about …

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How to Turn Notifications On or Off on Web Browsers (Chrome, Firefox)

Notification has been invented in recent years in order to allow a website to display information to its visitor. Its intent is good but it becomes annoying if a website overuses this feature. That’s why you need to know how to turn on/off the feature to avoid spamming.

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