Writing as a Hobby

Did you write because someone told you to do so? Don’t do those things unwillingly. If you want to write, then write with passion.  Remember: you write all your thoughts because you want it, and it helps you to earn more money.  Writing has many benefits, too, and it is good to be one of your hobbies. Please read below all the benefits that you can get in writing.


Writing helps you to show your thoughts and feelings

Nowadays, many people are busy. Because many parents are busy, they do not know what happens to their child at school. Sometimes, some teenagers can’t say any of their problem with their parents. They get a notebook and pen and write all their problems. As a busy person, sometimes, you have no time for some relaxation you can’t escape from stress at work. Writing is one of the best hobbies for you at night to write away all of your stress.

Develop a sense of gratitude

What do you feel if you write something every day? Do you feel more motivated every day when you express your every single thought in mind?  Some authors said that every day of their life, writing makes them more positive and motivated in their daily life and for the future.

Writing helps you to learn more

Authors and writers read many books or articles that give them information about the topics that they write. The more books and articles that they read, the more information they get helps them to write better stories or articles. Writing is fun you write many things, and you learn all the things that you did not know before.

Memories come back

Sometimes, writing helps you to remember all the things that happened in your life. And every time that you remember it, you have more courage to make your work more resourceful of knowledge for the others to learn.

Vocabulary retention and expansion  

When your vocabulary has no development, you cannot express well all the thoughts in your mind. How can you say sorry to some if they can’t understand what you say? Or you use words that are not appropriate for the topic. When you write many times or every day, your vocabulary will improve more.

Wake up call for your dream

Writing can help you remember your entire dream that you forgot. You can keep a journal dream note at the side of your bed and write during the night all the things that you about your dream.

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