Vivo Nex Review

In the world of Smartphones, there has been a recent trend toward designs with no bezels and taller screens. Even though I was interested in phones with few bezels, none of them stood out to me as the Vivo NEX did.

What caught my attention was how well it was set up and designed. The front is mostly made up of a big screen and tiny, barely noticeable bezels. This got me interested, and since it was time for me to get a new smartphone, I chose the Vivo NEX.

In this review, I’ll talk about what I liked about it and what I didn’t like. So, let’s start the review without further ado.

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The Good

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  • Display – The Display on the Vivo Nex is unlike any other smartphone display. It sports a bezel-free design and does not have a notch for a camera or sensors. The Phone sports a 6.56-inch Full HD+ S-Amoled display while also boasting an incredibly high screen-to-body ratio of 91.24%. The Display being an S-Amoled one is super bright and a joy to use even outdoors. Overall the texts are sharp, the images are crisp, and the viewing angles are excellent also the touch response is super smooth and lag-free. The Display of the Vivo Nex is its stand-out feature, and it indeed is a unique piece of technology.
  • Design – Besides an outstanding display, the Vivo Nex also offers a class-leading design and form factor. The phone is very well built and feels very solid in the hands, weighing in at a whopping 199 grams. However despite its weight, the Vivo Nex is surprisingly easy to operate with a single hand because the display has an aspect ratio of 19.3:9, which makes the phone very narrow and tall, plus the high screen-to-body ratio makes it one-handed usage friendly.
  • Performance – The Vivo Nex is powered by the Snapdragon 845 with 8 GB RAM and an Adreno 630 GPU. This is the best set of internals that a phone can have and the Nex is a performance beast. The UI experience is super fluid and stutters free, and it can handle any task thrown at it with ease which includes playing high-quality games, recording and playing 4k videos, multi-tasking, etc.
  • Cameras – The Vivo Nex has dual rear cameras which are 12 MP and 5 MP. The picture quality on the Nex is on par with most of the flagships and they turn out crisp, sharp, vibrant, and have excellent dynamic range. However, it is the selfie camera that impresses me. The 8 MP Selfie camera is embedded into the upper frame of the phone and pops out only when taking selfie photos. The images taken are super clean, and they have an excellent presentation to them. The mechanical camera is a unique piece of technology and is a prominent feature of the Vivo NEX.
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The Bad

  • No Expandable Storage – The Vivo Nex comes without expandable storage, as such users have to try to utilize and manage space in a frugal manner. You are stuck with the amount of memory that has been assigned to your phone. Therefore, it is essential that you connect to cloud services and upload your files so that you can reach out to them when necessary.
  • No IP Rating – IP refers to Ingress protection, and this indicates the dust and water resistance of your smartphone. The Vivo Nex has no Protection from dust and water. Therefore, it is always important to keep your smartphones dry and free from dirt.

While Vivo is not a household name in the Smartphone industry, it is gradually making itself noticed, and the Vivo NEX has shown us the potential and capabilities VIVO possess. Overall the Vivo NEX is an excellent buy and is highly recommendable for someone who wants the greatest concerning performance, or is interested in leaping into the future.

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