[Tutorial Highlight] Android Weather App Tutorial: Step by Step guide

This is a tutorial about develop an Android weather app which provides current weather information.

Covered Topics:

  • Android Weather App
  • Yahoo! Weather Client tutorial
  • XML Parser
  • AutoCompleteTextView and Remote item list in AutoCompleteTextView
  • HTTP connection
  • JSON Parsing
  • OpenWeatherMap API

android weather app development

Part 1: Android Weather app using Yahoo weather provider and AutoCompleteTextView

This first part will guide you through how to use Yahoo Weather API. The goal is to build an app that provides us realtime weather condition using Yahoo weather provider. Create an Yahoo developer account if you haven’t.


Part 2: Android Weather app Tutorial: Step by Step guide

In this part you will find a complete tutorial explaining how to develop an Android app. The goal of this post is creating a Weather App that will use Yahoo! Weather as data provider. Part 2 covers the most important elements. It will explain how to use Yahoo! Weather API to retrieve XML weather data and how to parse it to extract the information.


Part 3: Android weather app: JSON, HTTP and Openweathermap

Let’s jump to building an android weather app that gives current weather information using OpenWeatherMap. JSON, HTTP connection and AsyncTask are used to get weather information. This app will use JSON, HTTP connection and AsyncTask to get weather information. There are many services which you can use, this tutorial uses OpenWeatherMap.


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