CodeKit for Windows: An Alternative?

When it comes to web development tools, there are a lots of them available both for free and premium, from a simple text editor which can only edit HTML, CSS, JS files to a complex one which can display hint, refactor code. Among web development tools on Mac, CodeKit stands out. It is a feature-rich tool.

Top 15+ Symfony Bundles

When it comes to developing website using Symfony, we can’t deny bundles’ power. It is similar to Drupal’s modules and WordPress’s plugins.

Here are the most useful bundles:

5 Best WordPress Security Plugins

Getting your site hacked is one of the worst nightmares of most website owners. Such instances have seen a sudden surge in the past few years and have led to website owners looking for ways to secure their sites from online threats. For those of you who use WordPress, here are some of the best security plugins you need to equip yourself with.

Top 5 Starter and Base Themes for Drupal 8

For all the developers out there, making a theme for a Drupal 8 site might seem like a difficult task. However, if you opt for quality base themes, your work is bound to get simplified. After all, once you have a basic design for your site, you can focus on other things that matter like modules.

Here are five of the best base themes for Drupal 8.

Top 10 PHP CMSes and Frameworks

While PHP CMSes and frameworks are quite different from one another in terms of technicalities, all of them are equally important if you wish to build a quality website. Here are the top PHP CMSes and frameworks out there.

5 Best WordPress Review Plugins

As more and more people are relying on online sites to purchase products, there has also been an upsurge in the number of individuals who peruse online reviews before making such purchases. Hence, review sites are all the rage right now. Here are five of the best WordPress review plugins that will come in handy if you are planning on launching a review site.

5 Best WordPress Cache Plugins to Make Site Run Faster

Do you wish to enhance the loading speed of your WordPress site? If so, you should try caching it since this method is known to work exceptionally. This will ensure that the traffic to your site and customer retention rates stay at an all-time high.

Here are some of the best WordPress cache plugins you can use.