Learn Laravel: Tutorials, Online Courses, Books

Laravel stands out among the most renowned PHP frameworks. It’s an open source structure and became a carved ability in PHP designers. Laravel has amazing linguistic structure and accompanies an efficient toolbox. It’s the preferred option of groundbreaking web engineers as it’s stacked with proficient elements such as simplicity of confirmation, impressive ORM, clean steering a good line library and many others.  If you want to know how to develop Laravel or want to know about the system, there are many sources available out there to help you.

Top 10 PHP CMSs and Frameworks

While PHP CMSs and frameworks are quite different from one another in terms of technicalities, all of them are equally important if you wish to build a quality website. Here are the top PHP CMSs and frameworks out there.

4 Best CodeIgnitor CMSs

CodeIgnitor is a simple and easy to learn to make a functional website. Following are the best CodeIgnitor-based CMSs that can reduce your time writing boilerplate:

10 Best Simple and Lightweight Flat-file CMS To Build A Website Without Database

WordPress, Drupal and Joomla are some of the most used CMS. However, these CMS are not suitable for everyone. CMS such as WordPress is an excellent tool due to its easy to install and vast collections of plugins available. However, CMS like WordPress are flooded with data and codes. Most of the features offered by the traditional CMS may not be necessary for small websites or bloggers. The need for speed is another factor that needs to be addressed. The increasing functionality of flat-file CMS is hard to overlook when creating a website.

CodeKit for Windows: An Alternative?

When it comes to web development tools, there are a lots of them available both for free and premium, from a simple text editor which can only edit HTML, CSS, JS files to a complex one which can display hint, refactor code. Among web development tools on Mac, CodeKit stands out. It is a feature-rich tool.

Top 15+ Symfony Bundles

When it comes to developing website using Symfony, we can’t deny bundles’ power. It is similar to Drupal’s modules and WordPress’s plugins.

Here are the most useful bundles: