Python Tips

Python 2 vs Python 3

In most programming languages, a newer version supports previous one’s features and syntax so it is easier for developers to switch to newer version. However, it is not the case for Python. Python 2 and Python 3 are pretty much different from each other. Learning which Python version was a bit of a debate in …

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Python: How to Convert Int to String

Converting numbers into string has many purposes such as formatting result in a data table, displaying big number, and combining number and string for displaying. Python provides str() function for this task, which basically calls the __str__() method of its parameter. The function will help users avoid encountering “TypeErrors” when converting int or float to …

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Top 5 Python Dashboard Frameworks and Admin Panels

Python is one of the most powerful and popular programming languages. There is a large range of admin panel libraries to help web developer save time in writing web application. Below are some of the admin panels that and dashboard framework have been built and powered by python.

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