PHP Tips

3 Best PHP Web-Based File Managers

There are solutions for those who don’t want to use or don’t have access to FTP or SSH for file management. Here are good simple web-based file managers for PHP.

How to Round Up a Number to Nearest 5 or 10 in PHP

Before going into solution we should be familiar with 3 round up functions PHP provides. floor() rounds a number DOWN to the nearest integer if necessary. ceil()  rounds a number UP to the nearest integer if necessary. round() rounds a number to specified precision (number of digits after the decimal point). The precision can also be negative …

How to Round Up a Number to Nearest 5 or 10 in PHP Read More »

3 Ways to Loop Through an Array in PHP

Looping through arrays to display data or to do something with data elements is a common task in PHP. In this post, I will introduce 3 ways to loop through an array.

How To Upgrade to PHP 7.x on Ubuntu and Debian

Most Ubuntu servers come with PHP 5 installed. With recent updates of major PHP CMSs and platforms it requires users to update PHP to version 7.2 to benefit from latest changes and security patches.

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