How to Change Primary Monitor

Primary monitor or the display pertains to the screen in which Operating System is properly installed and “Start Menu” shows. Another display that is connected into the USB cable or the port is known as the secondary monitor. Individuals can duplicate, extend or can even use stand- alone monitors or any of these.


Buying a monitor is not as difficult as choosing between other fancy electronic gadgets. Generally, the size of the display screen is the first thing that we put into consideration for a lot of people. But there are several other aspects like the refresh rate, visual representation, color reproduction, panel technology, etc. There are plenty …

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Panel to Line Switching (PLS) Panel Technology  If you are in search of a monitor that provides excellent visual pictures, better outlook, and high display resolution at a cost-effective range of monitors, then PLS is the perfect match for your search. It is known as the refined version of IPS Panel Technology and is a …

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TN vs IPS for Gaming

If gaming is your thing and you are looking for some fantastic adventure in gaming, then there is no better option than having an excellent quality monitor. But before you jump to get yourself a high-end quality monitor, here are some things you should probably put into consideration:

Glossy Vs Matte Screen

Nowadays, technology is a basic part of the daily lifestyle of people all over the world. Laptops and computers are the most commonly used technology at home and even at work. Well, do you find it difficult to see the screen of your laptop in your bright room? Do the colors on your computer display …

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