Top 10 iOS and Android Kingdom Building Games Similar to Clash of Clans

Who doesn’t want to rule over an empire? And with some of the hottest apps on the Google Play Store and Apple App Store, you can.

What are we talking about? Kingdom building games, to be exact, like Civilization only on the small screen.

In this article we’re going to introduce you to the top 10 Android and iOS kingdom building games available today. They’re not all the same, and some place a greater focus on some things over others but you can rest assured these apps all have one thing in common – you’re large and in charge of your own personal kingdom and army

10 Best Real-Time Strategy Games for iPhone and iPad

Mobile phone games have become increasingly popular among the youth. More than the usual games and similar to MOBA, strategy games have gained popularity. This is because they require you to use your intellect and be spontaneous. Real-time games, too, enhance your spontaneity and are good for your reflexes. This article lists down and very briefly talks about 10 of the best real-time strategy games for iPhone and iPad.

10+ Best MOBA Games for iPhone and iPad

Multiplayer Online Battle Arena, mostly abbreviated to MOBA, is the trend these days where multiple players play on the screen simultaneously with every player controlling one player. Since these games are highly interactive, they indulge the players and most of the younger generation is quite obsessed with it. MOBA is even better to play on mobile than MMORPG. This article will talk about the 10 best MOBA games that are currently out there for the iPhone and iPad.