50+ Best New iOS Games

Looking for the best games for iPad, and iPhone? You’ve come to the right place. Following are the best new iOS games listed by month:

Top 10 iPhone Pixel-Art Games

When it comes to smartphone games there are a ton of different graphical styles that devs like to use but there is one in particular that recalls the golden age for veteran console gamers, and that is pixel art.

Pixel-art games recreate the iconic style of the Nintendo NES and Sega Genesis days but with modern gameplay and tech powering it all. There’s a certain beauty to these games that makes them both classic and timeless. Indeed, if you’re looking for the retro label to be applied to your game, applying a thick coat of pixel-art should do the trick.

9 Best Turn-Based RPG for Android and iPhone

There’s something to be said for the classic, turn-based role playing games of yesteryear and, thankfully, for us nostalgia freaks out there the Android has a huge selection of amazing games that fit perfectly in this genre.

We all remember the Final Fantasies and Chrono Triggers of our past, but did you know that the Google Play Store also has some RPGs that are spiritual successors to these types of titles?

Don’t worry, we’ve done the hard work for you and found the top turn-based RPGs available for download on Android right now.

If you want to play the traditional turn-based RPG, consider check these J-RPG games:

12 Best Idle Clicker Games for Android and iOS

When it comes to clicker games, few have as large a selection as the Android and iOS smartphone operating system. If you’re not familiar with idle clicker games the premise behind them is often surprisingly simple.

Basically it is a passive experience that emphasizes grinding but without the constant need for player input. Think of it as a one button Japanese role playing game: You’re grinding levels and building up your character but in a relatively passive, and thus painless, way.

Top 10+ Puzzle Games on iPhone

The iPhone is perhaps one of the world’s largest platforms for gaming so it’s no shock that the App Store is loaded with quality, fun puzzle games that range from the traditional Solitaire to the avant garde Prune.

7 Best Music Rhythm Games for iPhone and iPad

If you have an iOS device, you are bound to play and enjoy quite a lot of games. But music rhythm games are maybe one of the coolest types of games that you can play on your device. And there’s a reason for that. You get to listen to music, relax and also complete a variety of challenges and fun moments. It’s just a great experience. It all comes down to finding the right game to play! Following are best music rhythm games for iPhone and iPad.

Top 8 iPhone Idle RPG Games (Tap RPG / Clicker RPG)

If you love role playing games then there are few better places to look than the iTunes App Store, a place that is filled to the brim with excellent RPGs that won’t break your budget and will provide you with hours upon hours of entertainment. Whether you were raised on Japanese role playing games or are a veteran of classic PC RPG titles then you will find something to suit your tastes for iOS.

Top 10 iOS and Android Kingdom Building Games Similar to Clash of Clans

Who doesn’t want to rule over an empire? And with some of the hottest apps on the Google Play Store and Apple App Store, you can.

What are we talking about? Kingdom building games, to be exact, like Civilization only on the small screen.

In this article we’re going to introduce you to the top 10 Android and iOS kingdom building games available today. They’re not all the same, and some place a greater focus on some things over others but you can rest assured these apps all have one thing in common – you’re large and in charge of your own personal kingdom and army

Top 10+ iPhone Third Person Shooters Games

There are a large number of games on the Apple App Store, but it can be hard to choose the one that you want to play when you’ve got so much choice, especially if you’ve got a favourite genre. By any chance your favourite genre is 3rd person shooters, then this list is going to give you the 10 best ones currently available on the iOS App Store.