CodeIgniter Tips

Top 3 CodeIgnitor CRUD Generators

There are 4 basic operations associated with entities – Create, Read, Update and Delete. They are called CRUD for short. For example, an ecommerce website has Product entity, which means user can add a new product (Create), list all products (Read), update an existing product (Update), and delete a product (Delete). Writing queries for these …

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4 Best CodeIgnitor CMSs

CodeIgnitor is a simple and easy to learn to make a functional website. Following are the best CodeIgnitor-based CMSs that can reduce your time writing boilerplate:

How to Create Thumbnail with CodeIgnitor

Uploading images is a common task in almost every websites. Only displaying the original images will make the site load slower. That’s why we need to create a thumbnail for each image and show it by default.

Upload Multiple Files with CodeIgnitor

Coding multiple files upload in CodeIgnitor is a bit tricky. This post will help you solve this issue by using CodeIgnitor upload library and $_POST variable.

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