40+ Best Android Action RPG Games

Action RPG games on mobile market are diverse. If you want to get yourself into an Action RPG game for Android and aren’t sure which one is good, follow the list of the best Android action RPG games below.

30+ Best Android MMORPG Games

Are you looking for a good Android MMORPG to play with friends? Here are the best free and paid ones:

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Order & Chaos 2: Redemption

Order and Chaos 2 is the sequel to a successful MMORPG, and it’s even bigger and better now. You get to explore the unique open world of Order and Chaos and enjoy tons of features such as creating and customizing your own heroes. The best part is that you can choose from five different races and pick five classes to quest as. The game brings to life an intriguing world.

20+ Best Puzzle RPG Games for Android

Puzzle RPGs are fun, and they are a great way to pass the time. So if you want to sign up for an addictive game that’ll help you pass the hours at the office or keep you company while you’re riding the subway, just try any of these (or all of these) puzzle RPGs on your Android device and thank us later. Here’s our pick of the bunch as we dish out the best 20 Android games from the puzzle RPG genre.

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Battle Odyssey

If you have a love for RPG adventure, Battle Odyssey lets you explore the fantasy lands. You can find a magical city in the sky as well as a sunny ocean paradise in this fun and adventurous RPG. It is based on the world of Pondera, which is a fantasy world filled with magic but is being corrupted by evil. Use your powers, make allies, and evolve your alliance to save the world.

10+ Best Card Battle Games for Android

Soccer Spirits

Soccer Spirits is a very unique game that combines soccer with the battle of evil versus good. It’s a fantasy soccer game that will task you with assembling the galaxy’s best soccer team so that you can take on and defeat the League of Evil. It features dynamic sound effects and over 30 different voice actors to give the game a realistic feel. It’s a story that combines fantasy soccer with space.

30+ Best Android J-RPG Games

RPGs were also one of the first genres to hit it off on Android and in it, JRPGs (Japanese role playing games) have gathered one of the most loyal followings of any gaming genre in smartphone gaming. People have collectively spent millions of hours dwelling in the strange yet mesmerizing universe of these games, which allow dozens of ways to interact including crafting characters, multiplayer interactions, and a lot more. Here are 20 best Android JPRG games.


Final Fantasy belongs to a franchise that needs no introduction. It was released in 2000 initially for consoles and PCs. Later, it was ported to smartphones and tablets. Many features have been added in its Android version like game boosters and character modeling, which make playing on a smartphone more enjoyable.

9 Best Dungeon Crawler Games for Android

Following are the top dungeon crawler games on Android:

Dungeon Quest

Dungeon Quest is an action role-playing game, allowing players to begin an expedition to find the best loot and conquer all challenges. Players can equip their Warrior, Sorcerer, or Rogue with customizable weapons and armor to help annihilate depravity afflicting the land. Moreover, players can upgrade their gear with mythstones and crystal crafting system. You can download this game from the Play Store for free.