Android Library

30+ Best Android Libraries

This is an ongoing post that will introduce the best Android libraries that are commonly used or worth trying in new projects. 

6 Best Android ORM Libraries to Use

When your app requires lots of database activities, using an ORM is the best way to reduce your workload so you can focus on other aspect of the app. I hope you can choose a suitable Android ORM after reading this post.

Top 6 Android ViewPager Libraries

ViewPager allows user to swipe left and right through pages of data. This post will introduce 6 Android ViewPager libraries which bring better features and enhancements to the original widget.

Android Database Libraries

There are many ways to store data in Android. These libraries will help working with each of these types faster and more efficient.

Android Network Libraries

AsyncTask is a sought after solution when it comes to working with network connection. However, it has lots of disadvantages and lacks of features to make network requests more efficiently. Fortunately, there are a lot of Android network libraries which can do what Asynctask do and do it even better. These libraries provide important features …

Android Network Libraries Read More »

10+ Android Animation Libraries

It must be boring to see the same effects and no animations on all apps’ widgets. These libraries will apply different types of effects to Android widgets.

10 Android RecyclerView Libraries

ListView used to be core element of many apps. RecyclerView widget is a more advanced and flexible version of ListView. After RecyclerView was announced, it quickly replaced ListView. Furthermore, there are more RecyclerView libraries which will help improve your app’s layouts and functionality.

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