7 Best Android Stealth Games

Stealth games have always been part of the staple diet of video game enthusiasts around the world. There is something immeasurably fascinating about diving head-first into a fictional world where uncertainty and mystery reigns. And this isn’t even a recent phenomenon; people have long been enamored by mysteries and cunning ploys and have invested hours upon hours of their time in these fantasies. As technology has progressed, the demand for stealth games has expanded to the realm of phones and tablets. Needless to say, the market has delivered. Here are the top stealth games that you can find for your Android device:

10 Best Android PvP games

PvP is an acronym for Player versus Player in real time. This list brings to you the 10 best Android PvP games where a player can play its own master in navigating the plot of the game.

8 Best Android Soccer Games

Soccer is a game that enjoys immense popularity throughout the world. Not only does it have a wide fan base, but people also love to play its video games with equal zeal and fervor. Here we are going to provide you with a list of some of the best soccer games that you can play on your Android device.

9 Best Turn-Based RPG for Android and iPhone

There’s something to be said for the classic, turn-based role playing games of yesteryear and, thankfully, for us nostalgia freaks out there the Android has a huge selection of amazing games that fit perfectly in this genre.

We all remember the Final Fantasies and Chrono Triggers of our past, but did you know that the Google Play Store also has some RPGs that are spiritual successors to these types of titles?

Don’t worry, we’ve done the hard work for you and found the top turn-based RPGs available for download on Android right now.

If you want to play the traditional turn-based RPG, consider check these J-RPG games:

12 Best Idle Clicker Games for Android and iOS

When it comes to clicker games, few have as large a selection as the Android and iOS smartphone operating system. If you’re not familiar with idle clicker games the premise behind them is often surprisingly simple.

Basically it is a passive experience that emphasizes grinding but without the constant need for player input. Think of it as a one button Japanese role playing game: You’re grinding levels and building up your character but in a relatively passive, and thus painless, way.

6 Best Android Word Games

Word games are one of the best way to test your brain’s reflect, while learning new English words. This type of games have been involved since coming to mobile, it now allows friends to challenge each others to see who can find words faster. Following are the best Android word games you can find at the moment:

10+ Best Survival Games for Android

When it comes to survival games, few platforms have the breadth of selection and the quality thereof that the Android has. From everything to survival horror to battle arena games, the Android’s survival video game genre has a little something for everyone but, of course, only a few games merit the top. In this list we are going to tell you about our top Android video games currently available right now in the Google Play store. You can download them yourself and decided what’s best for you but, given how many there are out there, this list should serve as a useful guide to finding some of the best games quickly.

8 Best Android Online Multiplayer Games

Playing Android games with real opponents are exciting, and this is a good thing to meet new and other people around the world. There are multiplayer games that you can choose to play with your friends or other opponents. It depends on what game that fit you and the players who you can play. Below are the best Android online multiplayer games that you can choose. They are the best in its genre.