Android Development

Show Error on the Tip of the Android EditText

EditText is used to take in Android user’s input. Showing error such as mis-matched password, wrong username is a must-have feature in this progress.

aXMLRPC – A lightweight Android XML-RPC Client

aXMLRPC is a lightweight Java XML-RPC client which can be used on Android. The library has no dependencies to any 3rd-party library so it can function normally in any common Java virtual machine.

10 Best Android Camera Libraries to Develop Camera Apps Easier

By default, Android framework already supports camera features which allow developers to add pictures and videos capture in their applications. These following libraries will add more features to Camera API.

5 Best App Marketplaces to Buy/Sell Android and iPhone Source Codes

A game always takes a long time to be completely developed and deployed to market. There are 2 options which can be used to reduce development time; one is to hire coders from freelancer markets, the other is to buy source code to modify. This post will introduce you the best marketplaces to buy Android and iOS …

5 Best App Marketplaces to Buy/Sell Android and iPhone Source Codes Read More »

Fix Android’s “Cleartext HTTP traffic not permitted”

When you try connecting to a server via HTTP, the Android Studio shows an exception. Cannot send data to the server CLEARTEXT communication to [HOST] not permitted by network security policy The connection works fine on Android 7 and below. The cause of this problem is that a special security policy is required if …

Fix Android’s “Cleartext HTTP traffic not permitted” Read More »

Debug Retrofit 2’s API Call with OkHttp Logging Interceptor

Retrofit 1 has a built-in log feature for debugging request and response. However, this feature was removed in Retrofit 2. Based on community’s request, the developers of OkHttp made a logging interceptor.

30+ Best Android Libraries

This is an ongoing post that will introduce the best Android libraries that are commonly used or worth trying in new projects. 

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