Android Database

6 Best Android ORM Libraries to Use

When your app requires lots of database activities, using an ORM is the best way to reduce your workload so you can focus on other aspect of the app. I hope you can choose a suitable Android ORM after reading this post.

Best React Native Templates to Help You Kick-Start Your Project

React Native has gained its momentum to become a popular framework to create cross-platform apps. Developers choose React Native because we want to make apps for multi platforms faster and these following templates will help any mobile developers do that even faster and better.

Android Database Libraries

There are many ways to store data in Android. These libraries will help working with each of these types faster and more efficient.

OrmLite for Android Guide

OrmLite for Android is an object relational mapping framework which can make it easier to work with SQLite on Android. I suggest using this ORM library only if you are familiar with OrmLite for Java.

Working with Sugar ORM

Sugar ORM is a database persistence library that provides a clear and simple APIs for SQLite database operations. Sugar ORM is simple and easy to setup compared to other Android ORM libraries like ActiveAndroid or DBFlow. The below guide works with Sugar ORM 1.4. Versions before 1.4 has a different way of defining a model.

ActiveAndroid Tutorial: Working with the Library

ActiveAndroid is a simple-to-use Object Relational Mapper library, which maps java classes to database tables and java class member variables to the table columns. Each row in a table will become an object. This will help developer create, update, delete and select data from SQLite database using model objects without using raw SQL queries.

[Tutorial Highlight] Tutorial – greenDAO From Scratch

greenDAO is an Android ORM library which offers an object oriented interface to work with date in SQLite. The library also provides advanced ORM features such as session cache, eager loading, and active entities. It is also claimed to insert, update and load data at rates of several thousand entities per second. devteam83 introduces how …

[Tutorial Highlight] Tutorial – greenDAO From Scratch Read More »

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