Top Sony Xperia Z2 Tablet Accessories

This Sony Xperia Z2 tablet is an expandable Android based product priced in the high upper end of the tablet market. It more than makes up for its higher price by offering hi-tech engineering, the best in quality control, and more accessories than any one tablet deserves.

Choose the best Sony Xperia Z2 tablet accessories in the market!


The challenge in the case of the Sony Xperia Z2 is not finding what you want, but in deciding which one you want. For example, there are so many variations in the design, style, color, and pricing that I looked for a high consumer rating plus the number of features included with the case.

ProCase Folio Case with Stand
ProCase Folio Case with Stand

When sorting through the available cases for this tablet one stands out because of its brand (highly regarded), cost, and features. It is the brand new to the market ProCase Folio Case with Stand. It is available in four colors and also comes with an auto sleep/wake feature and a bonus stylus pen.

MoKo Slim Cover Folio case

While several others come close there are two more that deserve to be included here. The Poetic SlimLine case with its three year warranty and the MoKo Slim Cover Folio case.

Bluetooth Keyboards

Another “must have” option if you intend to do any serious work on the Sony tablet beyond streaming video and games is a keyboard.

Exact TypeFolio Bluetooth keyboard

The Exact TypeFolio Bluetooth keyboard serves a dual purpose. Not only is it a full featured keyboard, but it also can serve as a case. It includes full access to all of the Sony features for your convenience.


Sony DK39 Charging Dock, Station, and Cradle

Sometimes a straightforward solution to a problem is the best. You want a place where you can keep your tablet out of harm’s way and even charge it. They don’t come any simpler than the Sony DK39 Charging Dock, Station, and Cradle. It magnetically secures your tablet while providing a fast charge. This is your very basic utilitarian docking package.

Screen Protectors

Fosman anti-glare screen protector

A screen protector can be a godsend. Saving your screen from scratches and providing a non-glare view of the action. See what you have been missing, try the Fosman anti-glare screen protector. It has a non-adhesive backing, thus avoiding any residue and it comes with a cleaning cloth. This screen protector is also recommended for other tablets.

Charger & Adapters

Sony DK39 Magnetic Charging Dock
One of the key factors in making the selections included here is user rankings. The higher the better. Here is one that is seldom seen; a five star ranking. No larger than a deck of playing cards, but full featured the five port USB charging center is available in black or white casing color. It is also adaptable to European standards with 120 and 240 watt capability.

These and many other high quality, versatile, and ingenious accessories can be found for your Sony Xperia Z2 tablet, why not make the most of it?

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