TOGUARD Dual Dash Cam Review

Toguard Dual Dash Cam is that the latest dashcam that’s specifically deliberated by Toguard for Uber drivers. This sort of dashcam became more and more popular across the globe. The Toguard company creates a dashcam to help drivers to watch over the road ahead and to stay an eye fixed on what’s an event  at the backseat

By the top of 2018, Toguard DUAL DASH Cam has entered the market and obtain the market choice camera more specifically for Uber drivers.

This 2019 it became the highest choice by most drivers.

Are you curious, what is it?

Incredible Design

It has unique with different designs. This latest dashcam made with the high material. It’s all black, and a coffee profile is one among the simplest cameras you’ll clandestinely.

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On the opposite side, nobody inside or outside is going to be ready to watch the recording device. Toguard is often rotated, and therefore the cameras are approximate.

You can adjust it quickly, one is for the rear, and therefore the other one is ahead. The brightness can adapt it for more precise recording; even in low light, you’ll get a clearer picture out of it.

On the package

Inside the package, there are many tools for the installation of your dashcams, such as manual, cable clamp, crowbar, two 3M adhesive stickers, mounting suction cup, and Toguard CE45 Dual Dashcam.

Good Quality Audio Recordings

By using the internal microphone also can a significant contribution when there’s someone damages your car and also provides you a peace of mind when leaving your vehicle.

Video Quality

The dashcam system has two cameras, a Sony Exmor sensor and Full HD capabilities. Both cameras provide excellent performance even in the dark. If you would like to download the video, you’ll download it on your laptop only because it has no mobile application.

The battery continues working by linking a to a power source — the recording system loading to about 5 minutes. When the card is already full, it starts over at the beginning to create a new video recording.

If you would like to vary this recording time gap, you’ll adjust it for at least 1 or 3 minutes. This dashcam offers three changeable modes, such as playback, video, and photo.

To Sum It Up

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Toguard dual dash cam is that the latest and modern device employed by many Uber drivers. If you’re trying to find this dash cam, you probably did great because it’s unique features, perfect for a ride, also as high definition, both audio and video.

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