Tekpluze Mini Spy Camera Pros and Cons

These days, video surveillance isn’t longer a novelty. Therefore, spy cameras won’t astonish anyone. It was instilled into our regular lives and provides a good option for individuals to safeguard themselves as well as their loved ones from emergencies.

If you are looking in the market for the best spy camera, consider Tekpluze Mini Spy Camera. The night vision of this mini spy camera is triggered by motion indoors and out. The portable and compact secret surveillance cover security cam with a 140-degree wide-angle lens can record HD images. What’s more, you can easily see them in real-time through your smartphone. Isn’t it amazing?

Check out our review of the Tekpluze Mini Spy Camera below.

Pros of Tekpluze Mini Spy Camera

Considering buying this spy camera for you? Here are some of its good points:

Simple to use

The best thing about this device is that it’s simple to operate with only the mode of ON/OFF buttons to switch modes. You can also turn on and off the motion detection or night vision.

This camera is that it comes with a clip, making it easy to attach to your pocket or collar. This camera is perfect for use in the home, office, warehouse, store, backyard, or garden.

Loop recording

Did you know that this mini spy camera supports loop recording as well? That will make sure it will not stop recording because of the full micro SD card. The newest file will overwrite the recent data and the device will continue recording once the memory card is full.

And t supports SD cards up to MAX 32GB capacity, meaning that users will not have to worry about the camera running out of space. 

Superior HD camera lens

Tekpluze Mini Spy Camera features a full HD 1080p spy camera. It’s a super HD cam lens that offers crisp and crystal clear 720p or 1080p HD video recording. That enables you to see and track clearly what happened once you’re out of your office or home.

Night vision and motion detection support

This Camera is equipped with night vision and motion detection, meaning it will automatically start recording if any moving object is detected. It will save a file every 5 minutes, and if no moving object is detected, the camera will stop recording and go into standby mode until the battery runs low and the camera turns off automatically.

The 4 infrared lights make the night vision clear, and the IR lights are invisible when recording. This makes the camera perfect for security purposes as it will be able to detect any intruders even in low light conditions.

Long battery life

The ones who are always on the go are in for a treat! The best thing about this camera is that you can take it anywhere with you without having to worry about running out of battery life. This is because the camera has a built-in 200mAh polymer lithium battery that can work up to 100 minutes after being fully charged.

If you need to record for a longer period, you can also set the loop recording feature so that the camera will continue recording even if the battery runs out. And if you want to know when a certain event happened, you can also turn on the timestamp feature so that every video will be stamped with the date and time. With this camera, you’ll never miss a beat!

Cons of Tekpluze Mini Spy Camera

Doesn’t come with a memory card

It will be a good feature if the device includes a memory card. That might make some less than tech-savvy users confused.

Poor manual

The poor formatting and English instructions in the manual make it a bit complicated to read and hard to understand at times.

No apps

There are no apps or anything to help you access the videos provided. You need to plug the card or the unit into a computer or utilize third-party video software to access the videos.


Tekpluze Mini Spy Camera is a decent camera for its size. The 1920x1080p resolution will offer you a clear video of everything in detail. It will be perfect if it provides a mobile application where you can access the videos easily.

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