Singing as a Hobby

Singing is not just about a beautiful voice. It’s all about us expressing ourselves. If you have a heart to sing, just do it. Even if you are out of tune, as long as you enjoy your talent, then you must go for it.

The Definition of Singing:

Singing is the activity of performing songs or tunes by making musical sounds with the voice. It is the melodious whistling and twittering sound made by a bird or birds.

Singing is also fun for hobby because you can learn about singing. Not just a singing, it also includes an instrument. The combined sound of music and the vocalists get a good harmony and rhythm.

For some reason, people do not know how to sing. It may be because of their lack of ability, no confidence, or no fighting spirit. For these reasons, that they could not enjoy singing. People like that want to sing but they are ashamed. Here are some answers to your problem.

Here are the tips to improve your singing:

  • Breathing is the process of taking air into and expelling it from the lungs. Yes, of course everyone is breathing. In singing, there is a method used for proper breathing. Your breathing is starting from your abdomen. Second, open your mouth to open your throat. Third, drop your jaw as it brings more sound and volume. Then, keep your chest up for proper breathing while singing.
  • Posture refers to your position in holding your body when you stand or sit. This is needed for singing. Keep your head forward, shoulders back, back straight, chest out, and feet slightly apart. This would help you look good in people’s eyes and improve your confidence in what you do.
  • Voice is the sound produced in a person through the mouth. The human voice is different from one another. They have different vocal range, like alto, mezzo soprano, counter -tenor, tenor, Bass, baritone, contralto, soprano.
  • Style is the manner of doing something. Singers have their own style on how to perform as they are singing.

So, for those who like to sing or learn how to sing, those are the basics tips you can look into. Of course, we also have the ability to learn about our voices and music. We can also take voice lesson or singing course, privately or with other people for us to further develop our singing talent.

Singing can be a great way to express ourselves. Anyone can to sing, be it young or old, as long as you are dedicated to learn to sing. So, don’t be afraid to sing or make a mistake in singing. We all have our own talent that we can master.                     

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