Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice Tips

Sekiro is an action RPG set in feudal Japan. The game is also from the famous Souls series developer, FromSoftware.

Tips for Beginners

  • Master the Mikiri Counter – This ability allows you to counter thrust attacks by dodging directly into them. It will make your fight against a lot of mini-bosses easier.
  • Sneak as often as possible – Sekiro introduces an awesome stealth mechanic. You can sneak behind any enemies even bosses and do a stealth kill which deplete their life bar.
  • Master parrying – Similar to Mikiri Counter, this technique is the core of killing any enemies without loosing health.
  • Grind if you have to – When you get stuck at certain enemies, go to previous areas and fight some enemies to gain skill points and money.
  • Invest in Spirit Emblems – Every time you visit an Idol, spend some money on Spirit Emblems.
  • Collect all prosthetic tools – There are miss-able tools so read a guide to collect them all.
  • Don’t kill NPCs – If you kill them, you might not be able to access certain features in the game sch as side-quests.
  • Don’t open coin purses if you don’t need gold – You will loose money when dying, so only open them if you need to spend sens on buying something.

How to save with Sculptor’s Idols

You can save in Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice using Sculptor’s Idols which are scattered throughout every area. The game saves every time player touches the idol.

The game also saves automatically when you exit the game. Player will be spawned in the area the last visited Sculptor’s Idol.

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