Rumor: Samsung Galaxy Note 8 and Note 9 May Look Very Much Alike

Ice Universe, a mobile tipster, recently released photos of the Samsung Galaxy Note 9, and it appears to look eerily similar to the Note 8.

Galaxy Note smartphones are regarded as high-end, costly phones, which is why they tend to get the company’s most advanced features. A look at the pictures shows that not much as physically outwardly changed between the Note 8 and Note 9. However, it does appear that the Note 9 includes the dedicated Bixby button, which is seen on many other Samsung smartphones.

According to Ice Universe, the phones are practically the same, but that the Note 9 may be two millimeters shorter and have no in-display fingerprint scanner.

Like any rumor a person hears, the latest news about the Note 9 should be approached with caution. However, Ice Universe has a good track record of predicting what Samsung will do and release pictures of its phones before the public release.

No word from Samsung about the rumors circulating about the Note 9.

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